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semi-realistic wild equine RPG92.237.234.210Posted On February 02, 2017 at 4:44 AM by The Lost Islands

* The Lost Islands is an active and friendly semi-realistic equine RPG which has been going strong since 2009. Based on a chain of five islands, each with their own unique climate, TLI sports a character-driven world in which you are in control of your own destiny.


* friendly, relaxed environment
* all writing levels welcome
* PG-13 rating
* realistic genetics and defects
* speech
* seasons
* bachelor and amazon herds
* stealing, raiding, and battling
* character/player hall of fame
* OOC voting and democratic discussions
* helpful staff
* regular posting contests
* island governments *NEW!*
* disasters and predators *NEW!*
* mare-run herds *NEW!*

* Come join us today! We always welcome new players.

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