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    The East

    The east side of the city is often considered the heart of Sacrosanct. It's here were the majority of the shopping district can be found, deep in the heart of downtown. It's here that magic thrives, it hums in every stone and can be felt in every breath. Often times, new comers to the city may be come overwhelmed by such sensations but, eventually, it becomes an ever present feeling that's hardly noticed. The streets of the east side are frequented by all species as many companies are housed in the sky scrapers and hole in the wall establishments that line the streets.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    The city has a unique skyline, clashing between modern sky rises and small victorian storefronts. In the heart of downtown, the sleek colored glass buildings reign supreme though their old-world roots can be seen in the most peculiar places from the lamp post styled electric street light to the stone sidewalks. The old world architecture slowly returns the further from downtown you travel, however.

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    Inner Sanctum

    owned by Alexander Macedonia
    3 employees

    Inner Sanctum

    This hidden little cafe is loaded with essentricities and antiques that fill every corner of this remarkable place. The walls are lined with oddities from every corner of the world. Beyond the intriging decor, this place is known for it's delectable coffees and it's exquisite latte art.

    Owner Alexander Macedonia

    Barista Alexis Wilde
    Assistant Manager Calliel Alosi
    Barista Beylani Rose

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    Red on the Water

    owned by Isolt Griffin
    2 employees

    Red on the Water

    Nestled in a pleasant alcove that is but a stone?s throw away from the dazzling labyrinth of downtown, Red on the Water is a spectacle in its own right. Renovated in the style of a classic Irish pub with a dash of modern flare befitting the city that boasts it, this up-and-coming venue is the perfect place to snag an impeccably prepared home-cooked meal and enjoy the city?s most impressive collection of brews from Ireland and beyond. You and your guests are sure to be mesmerized and invigorated by the energetic offerings of the live Celtic band to be found here every weekend.

    Owner Isolt Griffin

    Co-Owner Damon Marcello
    Waitress Yumi Chizue

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    The Bakery

    owned by Taliah Vieira
    2 employees

    The Bakery

    The Bakery is a small bakery that serves anything that your heart desires, from sweet to savory this little place has it all. The area overall is small and cozy, a seating area that lines the windows and several bakery cases that provide freshly baked goods every day. The Bakery also takes special orders and delivers to local cafes.

    Owner Taliah Vieira

    Baker Sterling Tenembrage
    Baker Ludovino Donati

TO WIN ANY BATTLE, On May 02, 2017 at 10:54 AM by MAGNÚS RÓARR DVÆRG

w e r e l i o n

She seemed in a trance; deep mahogany eyes traveling the intricacies of the work that marked his thick skin. Though his ego was ill enough to claim her attention; he admired her love for art. However, what she does was unexpected and it causes a crooked grin to tug upon his plush lips, one that only encouraged her further. His vivid blue eyes fall to her most petite fingers as they trace the outlines of the anchor, tumble down his ribs and abdominal muscles. There was something about her tiny stature that provoked all that was feral within him...

Magnus had a thing for art himself, of course.

And perhaps even for pain.

The mammoth of a man that stood before the fragile little China doll was a freak in many ways. In some ways he was strangely proud of, others he would never admit. And even more so, in ways that he was yet to be aware of. Some of pieces put upon display were his own. There was no idle time for Magnus, he had no desire to go mad. He was the Master of suppression and creative outlets. Outside of drawing and his career path, he plays lead guitar once a month with a local metal band that he named "Black Heart Bleeding". There wasn't much he couldn't do if he put his mind to it.

Just as most, the wasted potential was a sickening shame.

The point of life was to experience, was it not?

There were more "oh wells" than "what ifs" on his list.

Unlike Mi who tells on herself by the brilliant blush upon her cheeks. It causes the idle smirk to widen into a grin as he chuckles at her reaction over her words. His eyes spark dangerously, challenging her statement - cocking a brow as she stares boldly up at him regardless of her apparent fibbing. Her own falter and find where their bodies meet, causing her to struck hard by the realize that she had caressing a stranger's skin. His expression softens into another entertained smile as she ruffles her own feathers and struggles for words.

It was endearing; she was deliciously adorable.

She was flushed and the soft scent of pheromones tingle his skin; the beast wakes from his sleep and rattles his chains. Humans were so far from nature though; their chemical and mental communication had long since been forgotten and weakened by the generations. Magnus had complete control and was determined to not have her against the wall when they were found. He drops the hem of his shirt and leans back, allowing her a few moments of silence to collect herself. It was all too obvious that she could be like clay in his deft hands; eager and impressionable. She was sassy and yet so innocent.

Could Magnus really corrupt this little girl?

Of course he could.

"How crazy can you get, kjæledyr?" he already had a nickname for her. Surely she will dispute it, especially if she learns it's meaning. "Don't worry, we've got time and I am all ears." He sinks further on the wall and crosses his arms once more; as if he could get comfortable as he stood there. As if she had a long story to tell of her most adventurous moments. He eyes her curiously, waiting her response.

you must fight as though you are already dead


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