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    The East

    The east side of the city is often considered the heart of Sacrosanct. It's here were the majority of the shopping district can be found, deep in the heart of downtown. It's here that magic thrives, it hums in every stone and can be felt in every breath. Often times, new comers to the city may be come overwhelmed by such sensations but, eventually, it becomes an ever present feeling that's hardly noticed. The streets of the east side are frequented by all species as many companies are housed in the sky scrapers and hole in the wall establishments that line the streets.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    The city has a unique skyline, clashing between modern sky rises and small victorian storefronts. In the heart of downtown, the sleek colored glass buildings reign supreme though their old-world roots can be seen in the most peculiar places from the lamp post styled electric street light to the stone sidewalks. The old world architecture slowly returns the further from downtown you travel, however.

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    Inner Sanctum

    owned by Alexander Macedonia
    3 employees

    Inner Sanctum

    This hidden little cafe is loaded with essentricities and antiques that fill every corner of this remarkable place. The walls are lined with oddities from every corner of the world. Beyond the intriging decor, this place is known for it's delectable coffees and it's exquisite latte art.

    Owner Alexander Macedonia

    Barista Alexis Wilde
    Assistant Manager Calliel Alosi
    Barista Beylani Rose

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    Red on the Water

    owned by Isolt Griffin
    2 employees

    Red on the Water

    Nestled in a pleasant alcove that is but a stone?s throw away from the dazzling labyrinth of downtown, Red on the Water is a spectacle in its own right. Renovated in the style of a classic Irish pub with a dash of modern flare befitting the city that boasts it, this up-and-coming venue is the perfect place to snag an impeccably prepared home-cooked meal and enjoy the city?s most impressive collection of brews from Ireland and beyond. You and your guests are sure to be mesmerized and invigorated by the energetic offerings of the live Celtic band to be found here every weekend.

    Owner Isolt Griffin

    Co-Owner Damon Marcello
    Waitress Yumi Chizue

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    The Bakery

    owned by Taliah Vieira
    2 employees

    The Bakery

    The Bakery is a small bakery that serves anything that your heart desires, from sweet to savory this little place has it all. The area overall is small and cozy, a seating area that lines the windows and several bakery cases that provide freshly baked goods every day. The Bakery also takes special orders and delivers to local cafes.

    Owner Taliah Vieira

    Baker Sterling Tenembrage
    Baker Ludovino Donati

virtue has a veil, vice a mask47.186.243.3Posted On February 11, 2018 at 8:21 PM by Raven Clocksworth

i'm not ashamed of my scars, i'm ashamed of the world for not understanding.

It’s true. There was no need for her to atone for her sins, and yet she felt immensely terrible. There were some that deserved to die. The ones that constantly came to her cage to humiliate or antagonize her. There were others that purposefully came over to harm her for whatever reason, be it because she deserved it after an incident or for no reason at all than to have fun at her expense. Of course there were those that gave her a pitied look, and yet they did nothing to help comfort her. It didn’t matter that night. Her other half didn’t see the difference between any of them. All it saw were figures that were a threat. If the woman would have been lucid, if she could have woken up for a few seconds, then maybe...maybe some would have been spared. The children didn’t deserve it, even the ones that followed what their parents did, she would carry that shame all her life. When she slept, even if it was peaceful, those crimes would seep back as hellish nightmares, reliving it again and again. It didn’t help at all when those she killed literally came to haunt her, within Serafina’s home, their ghostly figures triggering the woman to shift and change into her feral self, to combat and shield her from a shocking and terrifying moment. Frost was half-right, some deserved it. Why he seemed adamant that she was righteous or even believe she shouldn’t be repentant. Helplessly she shrugged her shoulders speaking quite softly.

“If I meant to kill them, then I wouldn’t be remorseful.”

Hearing his rough snort, dismissing her admittance that she was not as righteous as he so wrongly accused her of being, left her no need to argue back. The young woman knew very well that she was simply a creature that had been treated terribly by the Fates all her young life. Why they felt so inclined to torture her within this game called life, she had no clue, perhaps they were doing this for payback. Maybe in a previous life she had caused much pain and grief for others. For all the hardships she endured, somehow, the lupine remained to be quite a gentle soul. By all means she was allowed to be vicious to her others. Perhaps if she was then she would not have the friends or family she had now. If she shut the world out then she might have turned into someone like Frost. Although she despised the Were-Horse, vehemently, she still pitied the man. In many ways the young woman saw him, as a figure she could have been if she had gone down a different path. How sad it must be. How lonely it must be. As a male these issues must not be that much of a concern. For her, connection was important. It might be because she was a female or even her sub-species, a wolf, either way she was glad she was not separated from others. Blue-grey eyes couldn’t help, but show a glimmer of pity for the one-eyed man. Taking a drink from her tea she grabbed another gingerbread, chewing on it gently. It was his abrasive tone and comment about her Father that caused a soft growl to rumble from the usual timid woman. Those stormy blue eyes narrowed, replying directly to his comment with a firm tone.

“I was not asking you to handle him, don’t assume every girl is a damsel in distress that needs you to save the day. I’m not worried about him taking the medal from Tobi. I was merely pointing out the fact that the Dark Hunter has my Father, so he has an advantage when it comes to the medal. We don’t know what my Father knows and does not know, don’t just always assume you have something the enemy doesn’t.”

That he would even considered the very idea she would want his help in dealing with her Father was absurd. Raven did not go out of her way to look for that man who greatly instilled much pain and fear in her life. She didn’t even go so far as to wonder how in the world he had survived. He was dead. He was not breathing when she took the medal from around his neck. How could he when her other half had savagely torn and ripped through his chest and throat, where it was amazing he even had his head attached to his neck! How long had he been with this Dark Hunter? Was he a partner or was he a prisoner? How could she know? Raven didn’t care one way or the other about him. He was a threat to her well-being, and to her own pack! Why Frost had felt he needed to be involved or even thought he should be was quite laughable. Raven was sure the man would actually help her Father in her capture rather than keep him from her.

The mention of such a high price for assistance did not make the woman flinch. Rather her face remained indifferent, showing no sign that she approved or disapproved his offer. It was odd though. That Frost would be asking for so much money seemed, well, unusual to her. Taking a bite from her gingerbread she kept her eyes focused on him, as her mind began to wonder. Asking for money like that was something another did when they were in trouble. How many times had she been in on a business deal with Tetradore, finding out that one of their business partners was in trouble? How many times did she work the floors of the Ark, taking in bets from those that desperately needed to win? There were times when she moved through the dark alleyways of her home, seeing how some of the gang’s bosses would terrify and force others to take on a deal that they would never meet. It wasn’t her business and yet, she was curious. Once more the young lupine couldn’t help, but feel sympathy for the Were-Horse once more. One eyebrow was raised as she gently approached the topic.

“That seems like quite a steep price. Why do you need that much money, are you in some sort of trouble? Is there something you need help with?”

It would not bother her at all if he refused her offer. Looking down to her own gingerbread cookie, she took another bite, allowing him to yell or make some snide comment about how she shouldn’t be involved in his affairs, just as he shouldn’t be in hers. The she-wolf was accustomed to being talked down to or scolded at.

“Will buying your help come with your honesty? Will you truly tell me everything about the amulet and activating each one, including activating it if there are more than one things it does? Tell me everything about them, help me activate them all, and I will let you borrow one of them, maybe even all, if I knew what sort of dilemma you were in. I can do all of this for fifty-five thousand, and in addition, help you with whatever it is that you need the money for. I’ll even throw in baking you some cookies, since you enjoy them.”

Was she giving him more money? Of course she was. There was one thing she didn’t bring to the offering table to help curb that price tag. The night they had endured that terrible night with Calleil’s Father. If it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t have brought him away from that hellish torture chamber. He still owed her a favor, whether he wished to accept it or not. Surely she could use it to her advantage. That night when she returned to the Ark, when her Alpha helped patch her up, telling him about her Father brought her a bit of comfort in knowing that he was aware of the possible danger they could be in. Telling him that Frost owed her a favor was something he needed to know, it was important for him to be aware, should they ever need to play that card. She wasn’t quite ready to use that card, at least, not yet.

Raven Clocksworth.
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