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Here at Sacrosanct, we believe that no matter your writing level, you can develop your skills at any time. Not only are we here for your entertainment (and boy do we enjoy that) but also to allow for artistic advancement! Although we don't ask for many details or much description in our joining form, please do take the time to enjoy getting to know your character!

PLEASE NOTE Currently we are asking for any non-were species. Weres make up a majority of our supernatural population and we like to think some of the other species are pretty fun too! That being said, if you do choose to still join a were, we are currently discouraging the joining of any were-felines. We like to see more then just kitties!!

A small issue >> On February 09, 2018 at 4:21 PM by CelticBubbles

Hi there Honey Bunny!

We're super excited to have you join, unfortunately though, only witches are allowed to have powers that directly manipulate the four elements. Everything beyond that looks good though so if you can get that changed I'll get you all accepted.


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