Learn up on all the latest ongoings around Sacrosanct - when we can remember to actually post the things we do!


Still Terrible At News.

So! I didn't want you guys to think that we'd forgotten about you all or the poll we had you do a few months back. Megan and I are in works of a huge facelift for Sacro. You'll be seeing a lot of new features coming in the next few months! Just continue having patience with us!

- CelticBubbles


Website Upgrades!

So lately, I have decided it time for a little refreshing around here. Some things are getting cleaned up, some stuff working more efficiently. It's mostly stuff behind the scene's that we'll be doing the next few days but I'm sure you'll notice more things on the front end. Like, for example, the change in Sacro's background. Hopefully there will be more news coming as I get stuff done (maybe even some teaser screen shots? Who knows!) but we all know how TERRIBLE at news I am so...we'll see. By the way, thank you to everyone who participated in the masqurade!

- CelticBubbles


Terrible At News.

I know, CB is officially terrible at posting news. At any rate some of you have seen some changes to the boards to make owning places more friendly. We're working on some updates for packs and the dark hunter council. There is an activity check on the OOC board and do keep an eye out for a masquerade coming some time this month :D

- CelticBubbles


The Summer Bash.

In order to celebrate the summer, we decided to host a little event to get everyone posting with new people. The best part of all is that you get points for doing it! So hop on in, further your character, meet new people and earn rewards all at the same time!

- CelticBubbles