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FeelsBadMan71.94.239.232Posted On October 25, 2017 at 12:12 PM by Eddie

I'm so bad at replying. I'm sorry!! ;-; Sooo here's an general post for everyone replying to me, because you all are awesome... And I'm a scatter brained goober.

Bubbles - I did put {open/any} on my post that has been lost in the sea of words. Lol.
And if I ever stop being lazy, I'll have to get my other hard drive in and TRY to dive into GW.

Kite - I'm very interested in Killian meeting Arlo! I'd love to thread with him! And Final Fantasy XV gave me all the feels!

Raelah - I have special love for the Elder Scrolls games. Oblivion will be a favorite of mine for a long time. But, I used to play ESO a lot, but ran out of hard drive space. So it had to go! I was a High Elf Templar.
And I shall def check out your characters, and add you to my list. :3

Jail - Thank you!! I'll definitely check your characters out, and make sure I add you to my list!


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