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<3 you guys On December 08, 2017 at 11:42 AM by Vinyl

Haha, thanks for making me feel better about myself, Chesie! I am most def down to thread, and it sounds like you're just my kinda speed. Let me know what you have in mind... I just posted two open threads, Dareios on the North board and Gia on the South. Feel free to claim one of them.

CB darling, you know I would absolutely love and appreciate any chance I get to write with you! Just let me know what you have in mind. :3 Like I said ^above^ I've got a few open threads out there.

Hi Sam! -waves- Yes, please, let's write together! I have a couple of open posts out and about. Do you have anything in mind?

I have Dareios, a friendly and super rich vampire who is the mayor of Sacrosanct. He's a pretty progressive guy in that he's trying to use his age and power for good, and to bring supernaturals into the mainstream. But he also quietly runs an illegal drug ring.

Then there's Gia, or Buffy, who is my dark hunter. She is most def rough around the edges. She inherently doesn't trust vampires because she was abused by one in the past. But she's starting to come around, sort of.

If either of 'em catch your fancy, let me know!


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