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Slow posting73.32.203.196Posted On December 11, 2017 at 1:11 AM by Zombie

I'm going to sincerely try to post ASAP. I have work 12/11-12/13...then 12/14 after no sleep, I am going out of town until 12/19. then from 12/20-12/22 I work then from 12/23-12/27 I have family in town and then from 12/28-12/31 I work...I may die. (I work 12-hr shifts from 7pm-7am then I sleep between shifts)

I say all of this to say - I will post when I can but December is very busy for me. I am unable to post at work (unless it's a weekend and we have no patients - I work in labor and delivery at a hospital).

Also...it's important to note that characters who's muse flows easier tend to be the ones posted when I have 15 minutes of free time LOL. So please do not get offended. I have a very detailed post list of who exactly I owe (and I update it each time I'm online) so I will not forget anyway. I just have to prioritize my muse and my time.


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