Phaedra Aryn Alder

  • General StatsName Phaedra Aryn Alder
    Nicknames Fae
    Age 233
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Irish/scottish
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Violet
    Height 5'8
    Residence Anacosta Heights
    RelationshipSexuality Pansexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Dark Hunter
    Date Of Change October 1803
    Age of Appearance 27
    --- POWER/WEAKNESS DESCRIPTIONS Power: Telumkinesis Phaedra is a telumkinectic. She is able to create, summon, shape, manipulate and use any kind of psionic weapons with near perfect skill. The more complex the weapon, the more focus and energy it requires of her mind. Projectile weapons are the most difficult to conjure and require such great concentration that Phaedra cannot use them effectively in combat, but rather as a sneak attack or snipe attack. She cannot create explosives either. The most simplistic of weapons are her most powerful. She is most proficient with blades and bow and arrow. Weakness: Chronic Pain Phaedra suffers from chronic pain due to injuries received on hunts. Her body is a road map of scars from her hunts, most of which have not fully healed before she set off on another hunt. The intensity of her pain varies. She medicates herself with a blend Ashrak herbs to manage it. --- PERSONALITY Phaedra is tenacious and fearless while being competitive and meticulous. It is these things that make her a fearsome hunter in battle. But it is her cautious nature and intelligence that makes tempers her flaws to make her adept at what she puts her strategic mind to. Phaedra is a hard woman to handle as most find her headstrong, stubborn and sarcastic. These qualities do not win her many friends and allies. Vannick shaped her in to the ultimate solo soldier. She rarely works well with a team and most hunting parties have trouble with her following orders. Her personality is really shaped from the training that Vannick put her through. When her training started, she was not fully healed and she was forced to hide her pain and weaknesses as she was put through her paces or punishment would be doled out. She hides her vulnerabilities and keeps her emotions hidden behind sarcasm and sharp humor. Phaedra is driven to hunt by the desire to find her sister. Most of her targets were selected due to knowledge they possessed regarding her sister, Eve. --- HISTORY Phaedra and Eve were born to George and Helen Alder on October 31, 1785 in a small superstitious village. They were the first identical twin girls born to the village in over a hundred years which made them a bit of a curiosity to many of the villagers. The villagers believed they were a sign of the Gods and a blessing to the village. Both sisters grew up on folk tales of mythological creatures that roamed in the highlands told to them by their great-grandmother. The girls would spend their nights sneaking out of their rooms to go explore the highlands for signs of The White Ladies of the Highlands or of fairies. When the girls were 18 years of age, the girls spent a night out in the highlands which would change their lives forever. Eve became separated from her twin and was lost for over a week. When she returned to the village, she had no memory of her lost time; only that she must return home. The villagers whispered and rumors were spread that she was no longer a human girl and that she had been turned by the spirits of the forest. The villagers shunned the family and Eve was locked away in the attic by her frightened parents. Phaedra was forbidden to see her twin, though every night she would climb out on to her window sill and in to Eve’s room to talk to her. On the last night Phaedra ever saw her twin, Eve told her she had to return home then she jumped from her window to her twin’s surprise. Silver wings burst from Eve’s back and the girl flew from the house to the forest in which she was lost in so many months before. Phaedra followed, desperate to rescue her twin from whatever had been done to her. Eve had been turned to a fae and rejoined the monarchy in the forest. Phaedra remained in the outskirts for many nights waiting for signs of her sister in hopes that she could convince her to return home. But it was not to be. She was found by the fairies and taken to the King of the Fairies. It was then she realized Eve’s fate. She had been turned to be the new Wife of the fairy Prince. Phaedra was to share her twin’s fate but was instead rescued by the Ashrak Council of Hunters. During the battle, many of the fairies were hunted down and destroyed and Phaedra was caught in the middle. Wounded badly by attacks from both sides, she was left for dead. She remained alone, broken and bleeding for three days. The few remaining Ashrak discovered her and realized that she was human, it was decided that she would be turned to save her since it was partly their doing that she was perishing. The hunter named Vannick was chosen to turn her and to train her as his protégé had died in the battle. It took over a year for Phaedra to recover from her wounds and she spent the next hundred fifty years with the Ashrak clan, learning their ways and training to hunt. Phaedra became an adept hunter. Vannick had been one of the oldest hunters within the clan and had not been a forgiving teacher. Mistakes were rewarded with pain and achievements were hardly acknowledged. She trained for five years before she was allowed to hunt and when she finally received her test from the council, it was to go after one of the more dangerous warewolves on the clan’s list. Though the hunt was successful, she returned in bad shape. She still carries the scars from that night, each lessons learned and mistakes she would never make again. After years with the Ashrak, she accepted a mission with 5 other members to hunt down a Vampire coven. After tracking them for over three months, the coven turned up in Sacrosanct. While the hunting party was in Sacrosanct, they received news that the clan had been attacked and only 10 of their once 200 hundred in numbers survived. The party was ordered not to return to the clan and to create a base in Sacrosanct for a new clan with Phaedra leading them. They are now on the lookout for protégé’s to increase their numbers.

  • Powers
    The ability to create and use any weapon with her mind.
    Chronic Pain
    Suffers from chronic pain from the wounds she's gained through out the years.
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