Mina Diego Bowie

  • General StatsName Mina Diego Bowie
    Nicknames Minn
    Age 25
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Spanish American
    Hair Color Dark Brunette
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 5'2
    Residence Unknown
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Were
    Animal Grizzly Bear
    Date Of Change December 1993
    Minn is young. She has nothing to lose and nothing to give or gain - and that's the truth. She's your typical "been there done-that", poor attitude, street muffin who's loud and opinionated. Lazy and all sorts of rough around the edges, Minn is refined in the fewest of ways. Her manners are terrible and she'd rather flip you the bird than so much as pass you a pencil. Everything with her seems to be a struggle, though it never seems to be entirely on purpose. Comical in an annoying, frustrating, lovable sort of way, Minn can grow on those who have the patience. After all, if she wasn't somewhat useful she probably wouldn't have lived for as long as she's managed!

  • Powers
    Gut Storage
    She is capable of storing anything within her stomach by eating it.
    Wavering Loyalty
    Convenience is key!
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