Carolina Grace Bedford

  • General StatsName Carolina Grace Bedford
    Nicknames None
    Age 25
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Hair Color Dirty Blond
    Eye Color Hazel
    Height 5'6
    Residence River Dale
    Cat's Meow Bartender
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Were
    Animal Snow Leopard
    Date Of Change January 2011
    Born to a wealthy southern family she rebelled against the structure and etiquette that had always been impressed upon her eventually leading to her running away and never looking back at the ripe age of sixteen. With no money and fewer prospects she slummed through cities and carving out a certain way of life stealing from those who have too much already. She was turned at the age of eighteen and left to figure the rest out by herself. She is fairly short tempered and somewhat crass but more than willing to turn on the southern charm when necessary to get her way. The city here is now a last resort knowing the...variety of its occupants and the opportunities it may present.

  • Powers
    Can move stealthily and unnoticed.
    Fear of Thunderstorms
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