Calliope Dantelle Dorian

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    General StatsName Calliope Dantelle Dorian
    Nicknames Callie, Pie
    Age 40
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Hair Color Dark Brunette
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 5'3
    Residence Unknown
    RelationshipSexuality Bisexual
    Relationship Status Single

    SpeciesSpecies Witch
    Calliope Dorian is the second eldest daughter in the Dorian family. Born to Garrison and Lilla Dorian in 1977 on a tribal reserve in Zimbabwe, Calliope experienced hardship in a different way than her younger siblings Elenore, Davante, and Finley. At first, her life was reasonably safe with her father protecting her, and her mother studying the tribe as she'd done through school and eventually ended up marrying Garrison Dorian. Charismatic and described as delightful, Calliope was more than happy to take care of her siblings as they were born and the family was sent further into debt . Clearly, the girl had a gift for caring for others, and as her mother slipped into social recess Calliope rose to take care of the family by any means necessary. The younger Dorian siblings would recognize Calliope as the woman who raised them. She has suffered many, many hardships that seemed to really carve out who Davante was as an individual, though Calliope has kept a rational, realist perspective throughout her life. As a witch with an affinity for time manipulation, Calliope is well versed in the side-effects that come with the territory. Time manipulation, now, works only for Calliope in the sense that she can pause time for herself. If she is physically touching one other individual, Calliope can allow them to relive memories in their mind by bringing their consciousness to another point in time. Their physical bodies do not move. If Calliope uses this power on a grand scale, she will be unconscious to "regenerate herself into the proper time". Her physical body is not affected by time like other individuals as she is a master manipulator of it. However, she cannot do this for anyone but herself. As for the actual manipulation of time, Calliope is only able to make minor shifts. Her mantra is: do not tell time, tell time what to do."

  • Powers
    Time Manipulation
    Ability to pause the flow of time for herself and others.
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