Elena Petrova Salvator

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    General StatsName Elena Petrova Salvator
    Nicknames None
    Age 25
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity English-italian
    Hair Color Brunette
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 5'6
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Witch

    Cloaking - The ability to make someone invisible and unable to be detected.

    Personality- She's compassionate, caring, empathetic, kind, intelligent, beautiful, friendly but she can also be pushy, judgmental, selfish, at times prying into other peoples' business, Elena is also athletic.

    History- She was saved from a car accident, her parents succumbed to drowning. she and her brother jeremy lived with there aunt, before she was murdered. she met stefan and fell in love, they had a short lived romance. his brother tortured and made there romance strain. then stefan fell prey of an original and attacked her. she worked as hard as she could to regain his humanity. after a few losses friends, brothers and all were mostly revived. ( im trying to fast forward ) she had broken up with stefan and started a relationship his brother.. but again in drama she was affected and targeted, the results very cruel. she was to stay asleep until her friend lived her life.

    her boyfriend was lost without her and did very bad things, for bad people, a siren, clade and helped stefan turn off his humanity. then bonnie as a good friend and best friend of said boyfriend, wanted nothing but to help him. she drank her boyfriends blood, who was a vampire and died. breaking the spell and she wakes after a few years. nobody was at her casket to welcome her back, she cried. gaining enough anger and curiosity she left mystic falls, unable to try and built a life when she was in love. she met klaus , asking him for help but of course there was a price. klaus sent his wife and his children to find her boyfriend.

    Two weeks later and there was no answer, no return. klaus suspicious sent his hybrids out to find them. only to return with there bodies and hearts ripped out. klaus beyond reason an anger threatened to kill him, like always she pleaded him. she did a deal with him to save him yet again from trouble. surrounded by 4 witches they sacrificed themselves to transfer there power to her, making her a witch. but not before her blood was drained, Needing her Doppelgängers blood. then klaus took a revenge that was even beyond his darkest hour.

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