Eve Lilith Thorn

  • General StatsName Eve Lilith Thorn
    Nicknames The Queen Of Thorns
    Age 233
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Irish/scottish
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Green
    Height 5' 8
    Residence Anacosta Heights
    St. Pancras Station Owner
    The Shadow Court Spy Master
    RelationshipSexuality Pansexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Fairy
    Date Of Change January 1803
    Age of Appearance 27
    --- POWER/WEAKNESS DESCRIPTIONS Power: Changeling Eve was made a Changeling (shapeshifter) when she was turned in to a fairy to protect her from her dark hunter sister, Phaedra and the Ashrak hunters that were now hunting her. In her primordial state (regenerative), Eve's form is a formless gelatinous mass which looks like molten gold. Eve is able to change the molecular structure of her body so that she can take any form, living or inanimate, or partially shift parts of her natural form such as change her hair color or create clothing on her body. Eve can take virtually any corporeal form, ranging from humanoid to fog to reflective surfaces. However, the more complex the shape, the more she has to practice to perfect it. She is not always able to to mimic something perfectly even with practice. The longer she stays in the form, the harder it becomes to hold that shape. Weakness: Regeneration The regeneration state is a liquid primordial state which looks like molten gold. Eve can only hold a shape, other than her natural form, for a limited amount of time before she has to revert back to her primordial (liquid) state to regenerate her cells. The inability to regenerate will cause her great distress and pain, as well as causing her physical appearance to begin to fall apart; her body will begin to deteriorate and peel or "flake" away. She is unable to regenerate in her natural form as they are two different states of being. --- PERSONALITY Eve is a force. She is a clever, intelligent and witty woman that learned to play the game when she was taken captive by the fairies and forced to become the first wife of the Prince and heir to the monarchy. Eve was taught through the harsh captivity to go after what she wants and let nothing stop her from getting what she truly desires. What she desires most is freedom and power after she spent so many years powerless and at the whim of her captor and husband. She has no allegiances to the Fae kind and despises them for what they have done to her. She has become arrogant and narcissistic, believing that she is a higher form of life due to the fact she is not limited to a single form, like those she refers to condescendingly as mono-forms or solids. --- HISTORY Phaedra and Eve were born to George and Helen Alder on October 31, 1785 in a small superstitious village. They were the first identical twin girls born to the village in over a hundred years which made them a bit of a curiosity to many of the villagers. The villagers believed they were a sign of the Gods and a blessing to the village. Both sisters grew up on folk tales of mythological creatures that roamed in the highlands told to them by their great-grandmother. The girls would spend their nights sneaking out of their rooms to go explore the highlands for signs of The White Ladies of the Highlands or of fairies. When the girls were 18 years of age, the girls spent a night out in the highlands which would change their lives forever. Eve became separated from her twin and was lost for over a week. When she returned to the village, she had no memory of her lost time; only that she must return home. The villagers whispered and rumors were spread that she was no longer a human girl and that she had been turned by the spirits of the forest. The villagers shunned the family and Eve was locked away in the attic by her frightened parents. Phaedra was forbidden to see her twin, though every night she would climb out on to her window sill and in to Eve’s room to talk to her. On the last night Phaedra ever saw her twin, Eve told her she had to return home then she jumped from her window to her twin’s surprise. Silver wings burst from Eve’s back and the girl flew from the house to the forest in which she was lost in so many months before. Phaedra followed, desperate to rescue her twin from whatever had been done to her. Eve had been turned to a fae and rejoined the monarchy in the forest. Phaedra remained in the outskirts for many nights waiting for signs of her sister in hopes that she could convince her to return home. But it was not to be. She was found by the fairies and taken to the King of the Fairies. It was then she realized Eve’s fate. She had been turned to be the new Wife of the fairy Prince. Phaedra was to share her twin’s fate but was instead rescued by the Ashrak Council of Hunters. During the battle, many of the fairies were hunted down and destroyed but Eve was rushed away, taken to the monarchy's estate with those of the royal house. It was there that Eve was held in captivity for many years due to her insolence and refusal to cooperate. Eve learned to do what was necessary to survive, earning the trust of her husband and his family. She soon became a much loved princess within the Monarchy even baring the Crown Prince a daughter. Years later, she would ascend the throne by her husband's side to reign over the Monarchy. It was then that she began to plot to overthrow her husband and lead the monarchy alone. After two years of careful planning, she had the king executed in the city square as a traitor to the crown. Thereby solidifying her place as the beloved and loyal Queen of the monarchy. She was called the The Queen of Thorns due to her unyielding judgments and prickly nature. She ruled for over 75 years before she passed the crown to her daughter to rule alone and set off on her journey to find her sister Phaedra.

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