Vitani Marie Lovelace

  • General StatsName Vitani Marie Lovelace
    Nicknames None
    Age 198
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Hair Color Platinum Blond
    Eye Color Green
    Height 5'6
    Residence Anacosta Heights
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Fairy
    Date Of Change December 1844
    Age of Appearance 24
    Vitani is the last individual anyone would want to seek out for companionship or emotional support. She will seize any opportunity to take whatever she wants, all too eager to use her beauty to get what she wants before disposing of her "victims" like a used up tissue. Vain, manipulative, selfish, seductive, calculating, and conniving, she's always looking for weaknesses in others to take whatever she might find of value and knows that most times she can use those ever so womanly charms to her advantage. She is talented in her arts of deceit, and would have made a marvelous actress with her ability to play whatever part she needs to get the farthest with someone. Because of her immunity towards any sort of psychic powers like mind-reading or manipulation, she can hide secrets and motives with frightening ease, only portraying as much (or as little) as she wants others to see (or think she sees). She's content if not delighted to walk over anyone and everyone to get her way, and if she's refused you can be certain she'll find a way to make you pay.

  • Powers
    Psychic Immunity
    Immunity to psychic attacks
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