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Finding Nadya as commanded had not been near so difficult as actually attempting to bring the woman, his pack mate evidently unwilling to drop everything simply because Tetradore had desired it so and yet perhaps it is within this manner that the young man’s unflinchingly loyalty to his leader is best used, Tobias utterly unwilling to allow Nadya even a minutes peace in the moments that had followed his leopard form lunging through the window and onto the bed of her hotel suite, large paws pouncing atop her until she had been jolted into wakefulness, his own leopard form shifting and receding to give way to his human skin once more as he sat very near atop her in bed.

“Tetra wants you…..now.”

That she may not have desired to come here and now has clearly not occurred to the boy, nor does it matter that she is barely dressed, the lanky deviant very near attempting to lift the woman out of bed entirely, long fingers encircling her wrist, evidently determined to drag her back to her brother whether she desire it or not. The naked young man pauses only long enough to allow her to fuss as women do, offering her to opportunity to find her clothing as he fidgets beside the door, dark eyes narrowed into a glare of sorts, still sore with her perhaps, over there last meeting and yet for now at least he is seemingly content to ignore it, mind focused upon other things rather than the conflicting emotions he feels for the woman.

“You are…to slow!”

He simply sees fit to complain at her once more, the woman barely having reached the door before he grasps her arm once more, content to drag her behind him, oblivious to the look his lack of clothing is given to cause, the unfortunate receptionist frantically attempting to cover her eyes as he very near storms past, senses reaching once more for Tetradore, rapidly locating his Leader’s new location before proceeding to drag Nadya in that direction. The apartment that they finally reach sees the deviant halted slightly, this area unfamiliar, instinctive weariness seeming to taint his features once more as he lingers momentarily outside, releasing his grip upon Nadya now before gesturing to the place he knows there brother to be, allowing the girl to make her own decision it would seem, about when she would actually decide to come in. perhaps they share a Rank, yet Tobias has never been accepting of such a thing, nor will he, the boy entirely assured he is above her and as such content, still, to order her about as such, the pair equal only in the times in which they are given to share each other entirely, his near craving for the woman still entirely assured and yet thankfully distracted for now as he moves to step cautiously inside the near empty apartment. It is…stale within, unlived in perhaps, those dark eyes searching within the gloom, the sound of voices rapidly drawing his attention as the naked young man proceeds to wander towards them.

He pauses once, distracted momentarily by the kitchen. It has been years since he has been within a proper house, Lucian’s warehouse and what parts of Syn acted as a kitchen the limit of his experience in such and indeed he finds ready intrigue now, moving towards the fridge, prying it open only to discover empty shelves. For a moment the shaggy haired creature is simply given to stare, features contorting into a frown of sorts as he proceeds to close the door and open it again before muttering in agitation, clearly having hoped food would somehow appear within it, annoyed at this fridges lack of ability to do as he is sure it is supposed to do- and create food. Bare feet pad against the floor once more, pausing this time within the small bathroom, the assortment of colourful make-up products, or what remained of them, seeing his eyes widen slightly, long fingers brushing over a number of small containers before reaching for the lipstick with clear fascination. The blood red stick is observed for several moments, fractured mind clearly attempting to discover it’s use before he suddenly and abruptly brings it to his lips- biting down. That he clearly believes it to be some source of food becomes readily apparent as he moves to head back towards his Leader now, continuing to lick and bite the now mauled stick of makeup, his lips and face a mess of bloody red, as if a massacre of sorts has been committed as he pauses once more within the bedroom.

Dark eyes narrow upon the sight of Tetradore crouching down before the vampire, the sadness within her misunderstood entirely by the leopard, evidently oblivious to the fact she may well not have desired a naked man before her in these moments as he moves to mimic his companion, crouching down beside the other man.

“Naddy is here…outside.”

He nods as if to assure the man further, waiting for some word of praise as to how well he had completed this task before those dark eyes turn to the vampire before him, head tilting slightly in some effort to understand this emotion before he suddenly moves to hold the chewed lipstick outwards her- as if of the belief a snack may well fix this situation, attention returned to Tetradore once more.

“Tetra? Is this…home?”

He simply waits for some sense of conformation, unable to understand so much of what has occurred this night and yet, perhaps it hardly matters, he has his pack and he cares for little else, home wherever Tetradore tells him it is. Those dark eyes simply frown a moment more as he regards the red-haired vampire again, still holding the lipstick towards her, tossing it now at her feet before speaking to his brother once more.

“Do we….belong to her now?”

Perhaps….there owner has merely changed, the boy having come to hold some belief that vampires are…owners in some fashion, mind struggling to understand this situation all the same as he awaits some sort of answer, gaze flicking a final time to the sobbing vampire, unable to tell whether or not she was crying, watching her from beneath wild lashings of hair.

“Why are you…leaking? Are you…broken? I do not like…the sound you are…making.”

Sympathetic as always.

madness, as you know, is like gravity: all it takes is a little push