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Her explanation in regards to why it is she had so sought to protect him earn the woman little more then a derisive stare of disbelief as those dark hued eyes continue to meet her own with derision. He is simply unwilling to accept her response, her words understood, for the most part, her voice calm and slow- allowing his fractured mind to seize upon each intricate piece as she offers it and yet still he will not be swayed. Neither- it would seem, willing to budge upon this issue and yet it is not for any form of self-belief nor entitlement that the boy is seemingly so determined to make her understand. He is hardly a self-sacrificing creature, more so, he simply believes so very entirely that this is his role, his rank, his job upon this earth. To protect. A job he is unwilling, it would seem, to share. Women are not guardians, they are not protectors, Nadya herself often given to stand behind himself and Tetradore when danger threatens, using her male companions as a shield as she should, as Birdie should. Her behaviour is perhaps…inconsistent with a pack and yet so many years alone are surely to blame for this, along with the clash of beliefs given to occur. Tobias however, is dangerously assured within his own beliefs, the man refusing to accept her ability to protect herself, his perceptions formed through his own understandings of life, the man unable to accept her own- at least, not in this moment, his trust of her hardly solid enough to willingly accept her beliefs. Her words however, see that slight tilt to his head once more, lashings of dark hair tumbling into his equally dark gaze as she speaks of her home, of having no one, eyes narrowing slightly before he offers a snort and a shrug- oblivious perhaps to the true potency of his own words.

“I am…in your home. You can…come home to….me.”

A grin of sorts, a mimic of Tetradore’s own simper moves to cross his features now, oblivious perhaps to how much such an offer may very well mean, let alone the implications of it, the boy simply content to offer just that- his presence, to a certain extent. His mind readily becomes distracted once more, the scent of his beloved Alpha lingering upon the woman apparent now that the salt and metallic odour of blood has lessened from the wound of her shoulder. He understands the laws of nature, so much of his own demeanour driven entirely by animal instinct and as such- this scent upon the woman readily sees his behaviour, shift, if only slightly, looking upon her once more, perhaps- as a member of pack, rather then the simple companion she has become. He simply requires no more then Tetradore’s approval for such a thing, the panther decisions unquestioned and accepted, the man refusing to ever question the judgement of his oldest companion if only for an ability of sorts, to have a trust so entire within the emerald-eyed man. He trusts Tetradore inexplicably, believes entirely that the other simply will do him no wrong, a relationship so old and long standing that it is very near ingrained within him. If Tetra has decided Birdie is pack, then so be it, Tobias hardly displeased with such a thing. Her question however sees evident confusion touch his features once more, staring blankly towards her a moment, unable to fully comprehend hat it is he is being asked.

“Tetra…does not have to….ask or tell. Birdie is pack….now- but…do not be….sassy with…Tetra or you will…make him….mad and he will…knock you….over.”

He nods, as if to further support his own advice upon the topic, assured that Tetradore will not tolerate ‘sassiness’. That it was an invitation rather then her willing submission to his Alpha remains to be seen, tangled thoughts having settled upon his own perception of the situation, his Leaders scent upon her a signature of sorts Tobias is willing to respect, assured that Birdie is now a member of their group- his mind rather decided upon the matter as he proceeds to leap up and onto her bed. Conversation, perhaps, was never given to be his strong suit, the lithe, well-toned young man springing easily before proceeding the demand the woman join him in this newest game, her warning utterly ignored as he continues to spring, his feline side delighting within this unexpected game. An agitated mutter of sorts is given to follow her into the bathroom, the man left, dangerously, to his own devices before he proceeds to do the very thing he was warned against, head colliding solidly with the ceiling fan- a yelp of surprise given to follow as he tumbled down and onto the bed- a fortunate landing place. For a moment the lanky deviant seems almost stunned, one hand rubbing at his messy locks of hair, the throbbing within his head seeing those dark chocolate eyes turned upwards, glaring towards the offending ceiling fan as Birdie suddenly reappears, hurrying rapidly to his side.

Her hand suddenly reaching towards him sees the boy flinch readily away. He dislikes touch, sudden touch, even by those he deems acceptable clearly a discomfort for the half-wild creature as he eyes her warily a moment, settling only as her fingers manage to find place within his thick hair, her stroking earning her a satisfied purr of sorts mere moments later- his headache readily soothed as he simply nods. His calm demeanour however, lasts only so long, clever, cunning mind readily seeking to find entertainment once more- the man no longer inhibited by his headache. One hand reaches suddenly and readily upward, taking advantage of her leaning over him suddenly and forcefully pull her against him, lean, toned muscle engaged now to rather abruptly roll- the woman so easily pinned beneath him now as he rests with one knee either side of her feminine form, a hissing snicker upon his lips- clearly delighted with this game, oblivious to the fact he may very well terrify her with such a thing, the woman pinned beneath him in this moment.

And yet….

It would seem his mind is entirely…innocent in this moment as he grins, entirely unaware of the rather intimate position within which they rest.

“I win!”

Because clearly it is a game to be won.

“You are….pack…..I am….Second. I am…..the boss of…you now. That means….I win.”

He is fond of her, truly, so often content within her presence and yet the order of pack is a critical thing, a thing to be understood, Tobias assured the woman should be made to understand her position, as well as his own, eyes held against hers for a moment- content to make his position clear as is simply the nature of all animals before he suddenly rolls to the side, leaving her to sit up once more should she decide to do so, grinning readily once more with playful, childish delight- mood shifting so rapidly in these moments as he rests beside her.

“I want to…play a game now.”

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