Ashes to Ashes50.46.99.184Posted On January 07, 2017 at 7:05 PM by Anna-Marie Belrose

Anna wasn’t sure which she was more upset about, the fact that her dress had gotten rumpled or that a crazy vampire had just tried to eat her. Both were surely valid points to be in fumes about. Anna wasted no time in immediately stomping off from Arlo as he had fled the scene like a coward. She had half a mind to go after him and teach him a lesson but the thought of huffing to Sebastian about it and taking him to Arlo for the pair to teach the youngin a lesson was far better. Anna would teach that pup not to mess with her. Although the fang marks upon her own neck had healed by the time she reached Sebastian’s estate it had taken some time for them to heal due to her own blood being stolen. Anna gave no real pause about marching into Sebastian’s home for why should she when she considered him hers anyways. Obviously lack of privacy went along with being connected to her.

It was with a measure of curiosity that the child was given to pause in the doorway of the lounge, eyeing the man upon the couch as he rose. This stranger bothered her simply by his presence being there instead of Sebastian. Anna was already irate so was easily ruffled more at not having what she wanted quickly presented to her. Her crystal blue eyes surveyed the man as he introduced himself, also clearly confused by her presence. The momentary standoff broke when he stepped forward and crouched down to her level in order to hold out his hand in greeting. Now that was surprising. Amusement colored Anna’s features as she reflexively lifted her hand to allow him the proper greeting. “Anna-Marie Belrose.” His close proximity allowed her heightened sense to pick up his scent which marked him as fae. It had been a fae that Anna had made her Sebastian feed from some time ago so perhaps this one was his newest victim. Surely Sebastian couldn’t have strayed very far then.

Anna’s attention was diverted back to her attire by Dorian’s observant comment. It had been rumpled by Arlo’s actions and it caused a frown to crease her features as she glanced down at it. “Rude vampire...he tried to eat me. I need to tell my Sebastian.” Her gaze settled back up on the fae. She was awfully hungry from the ordeal. However, just as her age had saved her from Arlo, so was Dorian’s saving him from Anna. Unlike the others which held no decency in addressing her this man had so her thoughts on a meal were put on hold...for play. “I’ll wait.” Anna nodded as she stepped further past the threshold into the lounge area to survey the room with a slightly critical eye. It was boring. “I want to play tea party and have cookies.” The child turned around to look back at Dorian in expectation. He was here to serve and entertain her right?