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Dorian AragonaHis Royal Highness

It was some small mercy, perhaps, that the girl was so willing to be distracted by her efforts at drawing. The young vampire seating herself beside him to busily begin her sketch of that dress. Were he not entirely nervous of the child and her wholly unpredictable nature the man might well have been inclined to admit such a scene was almost pleasant. He was not opposed to children, even if he so rarely engaged with them and yet this particular child was hardly of the normal variety. His stress at so attempting to keep her calm and- in turn- keep his own heart beat steady and so giving away his fear weighing heavily upon him. The silver of his gaze glanced sideways, eyeing the abomination that was her attempt at a dress, Dorian not entirely sure he could pull such a thing in reality let alone what it might look like. Anna-Marie’s attention waning rather quickly as she became frustrated by her own work. The Fae King so fortunately finishing his doll drawing in that same moment as his affinity allowed him to extract it from the painting only to present it to her. She was, it seemed, rather taken with his work, snatching it from his hands in a manner that saw him scowl- a part of him seeking to correct her behaviour before thinking better of it. Such a child as this would never have survived in the royal courts. Where on earth had Sebastian found her? Why had he not ridded himself of her? Was she a relative perhaps? Although truly the pair looked nothing alike.

Her announcement that she wished to name the doll Lyra was met with a simple nod of agreement. Any further words silenced by the girls assurance that she surely did not require that he walk her home, that she was surely the thing to be feared in the darkness- Dorian near content to believe her. The girl distinctly unsettling even as she clutched her doll to her chest like any other young girl might surely have done. His efforts to coax the girl from Sebastian’s home, it seemed, were destined to fail in every respect and yet surely she would tire of waiting for the man? Depending on what luck Sebastian had this evening the man could be anywhere from an hour to three of four. Dorian so having learned those rainy nights often kept his lover out for hours if only because that rain so often kept the rest of the city in and thus reduced those willing to be charmed by his boyfriend into affording him their blood. If the girl would not leave then perhaps Sebastian might appear and so order her out. Dorian unwilling to take of a vampire of even this size. Her sudden announcement that her own house was boring and that she was not going back saw both eyes upon the Monarch raise. The idea that she did not own it met with a curious tilt of his head and yet truly, he supposed, a child could not own a home. How had she been living all this time? Such idle thoughts were lost the moment she took it upon herself to decide to live here.

“You cannot live here.”

The words left his lips almost unbidden, Dorian far too slow to prevent them, the man regretting them near instantly and yet too- some part of the Fae was perhaps unwilling to play this game any longer. The girl had become utterly foolish in her requests. He had played her silly games and been nothing short of gentlemanly to her as his position in life so dictated and yet he was not about to afford her permission to take up residences in Sebastian’s home- especially without the vampire himself so being present! This night had gone entirely too far. Dorian’s own plethora of affinities stirring now as if wholly prepared to defend the Fae should the vampire child become irate. Dorian, perhaps, far better equipped to take on the girl then he even truly realised and yet he so attempted to at least diffuse that situation once more.

“There is no bedroom next to Sebastian’s own- there is only a study. The nearest is a spare room down the far end of the hall or a few bedrooms down on this floor and those belong to the servants.”

It was entirely true. Dorian’s words measured, even and yet not impolite all the same. Merely factual. His patience with the girl however was beginning to wane. This idea of her living her was….improbable. The idea of his and Sebastian sharing a home with a child was far from ideal, let alone one whom seemed to believe his lover was her own possession of sorts. Dorian relishing those evenings he spent nestled within Sebastian’s sheets and against the man or those nights in which Sebastian played and Dorian so practiced his art upon the floor beside him or the pair simply shared that couch- Sebastian ever patient in answering his questions upon that novel he had so demanded the man read. Romeo and Juliet having proven a truly intriguing tale so far. Even the thought of such evenings stirring a simper to his lips even now. Dorian assured these would not be possible with a volatile child stalking the halls. How long would it be, truly- before she might attempt to sink her fangs into his own flesh?

“I am sorry, Mademoiselle, but I do not think you can decide to live here without asking Sebastian and it is so that he has been talking of moving- I do not think he intends to stay here any longer himself. There would not be very much sense in you living here you see? I think he plans to move in but a few days though he has not told me where.”

That was a lie and yet it was wholly delivered with that same ease as the rest of his words. It was logical too, surely, that a servant would not be told where they were moving too. Dorian speaking as if this was truly unfortunate and yet presented with this new information the young girl might so choose to place her interests elsewhere. This all Dorian could so think to do to defend his lovers home without the vampire there to do so himself.