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Sebastian Ellington

Cause i've been dancing with shadows
waiting till the morning after

Those bright blue eyes brushed over the doll that was held up for him, the vampire at least attempting to appear as if he was intensely inspecting that creation she'd so named. In truth, he was perhaps far too bothered with her mere presence within that sanctuary to find any true appreciation for his lover's creation. It was that whole notion of the young woman moving in that perturbed him perhaps most of all, that sharp decline so immediately left his lips, his tone, though softened was still entirely tensed as he so attempted to brush her off onto the woman whom had been so eager to claim to care for her. Clearly, her assurance had been worth as little as he had so believed it to be that evening within that bar. His eyebrows furrowed as Anna-Marie so declared the woman "gone", likely taken by Hunters. Considering the way she seemed so keen to stick out even amongst their crowd, he couldn't say he was wholly surprised, or really all that devastated. Still, the young woman seemed all too keen too insist upon her staying with him, so mentioning those few evenings he had spent at his maker's side. "Yes, but doesn't mean you can stay." Sebastian retorted quite quickly all the same, his own bright blue eyes all too willing to meet her firm gaze. In this alone, he refused to bend to the young woman's desires. His home was the only reprieve he had left - he wouldn't let her take that from him too.

He was aware, vaguely, of Dorian's presence at his side, and yet, he hardly caught that suddenly pulling of his own being until it was far too late. The vampire was near flung backwards from the King, tossed into the hallway like a paper doll though his frame collided into little more than a side table, certainly not enough to actually harm the vampire in any fashion. His near predatory instincts, however, were all too quick to see the Englishman back upon his feet. He knew the moment the Italian Monarch fell to his knees that Dorian had too fallen prey to the woman, that sheer proximity of his Maker to the man he so utterly loved was enough to send his heart pounding. This was the very thing he'd so been striving to avoid. Unfortunately, Sebastian had taken but a singular step before that youthful French voice so called out to him, claiming that she would kill the man if he came a moment closer. He froze in his place, those simple words so chilling the vampire to the bone and, in turn, quite effectively keeping the man where he was. He knew well the young woman could follow through upon those threats - he knew she was more than capable of both commanding him to take that life, much less of controlling him with that affinity she so routinely returned to. A soft hiss left his lips as his gaze frantically shifted from the man he loved to the child he found himself both hating and yet, for some reason or another, also utterly needing within his life.

The vampire found himself utterly unable to remain still in the wake of all that occurred, the vampire more inclined to pace like a caged animal and yet, not a single step was taken closer towards the pair. "Oh, piss off." He found himself near muttering at the girl's insistence that he belonged to her, that distinctly British accent all the more present in those rare moments. "I bloody swear, Anna-Marie, if you harm him in any way, I will hunt you down for all eternity if I have to." The vampire paused, turning to face her in that moment, "Jesus Christ, are you even capable of thinking of anyone but yourself?!" His voice had raised ever so slightly and yet, Sebastian was altogether aware there was particularly little he could do to save the man he so adored, that simple fact so disrupting the man's usually infallible good nature. He was hardly prepared for the way in which Dorian so simply disappeared, even though he knew well of the King's gift of invisibility. It still caused him to near panic all the same, at least, until the man returned to view but moments later and away from the decidedly dangerous young girl. Sebastian's gaze but briefly met those silver eyes and though his lover offered him the slightest of displays that he was, indeed, okay, it hardly helped to calm his nerves.

Still, he hardly wished to push that near boundary of sorts that Anna-Marie had placed upon him, the man remaining where he was even as he nibbled on his bottom lip in a visible display of how utterly stressful he found that entire situation. His bright blue eyes remained steadfast upon the King as the man so bent down in front of the child, the soft, soothing sound of his voice, however, told Sebastian all he needed to know. Dorian was quite clearly attempting to placate her in the same fashion Sebastian himself so often dealt with her, even if, tonight, he found himself utterly incapable. His arms folded over his chest as he so intently watched the pair, that entirely protective aura near exuded from his frame. He was oblivious, truly, to what his lover was so attempting to do, even if the thought had occurred to so assist. Unfortunately, the vampire had hardly had time to so call those pheromones to his aid before movement in his peripheral vision so caught his attention. The shadows in the far reaches of the room - he was quite sure they were moving. His lips parted, another hiss so leaving his mouth as he so carefully shifted away from the walls that darkness seemed to exude from. "Dorian." His voice was decidedly sharp, attempting to pull the fae's attention away from the young girl. "Dorian, move away from her." The vampire so begged his boyfriend, those slowly shaping creatures only further unsettling him if only for the simple fact that he hardly knew this aspect of the child that had so murdered him all those years ago.