Ashes to Ashes50.125.74.154Posted On May 01, 2017 at 8:38 PM by Anna-Marie Belrose

The little vampire had had a decent enough time with the fae during Sebastian’s absence so had no real desire to kill him. However, he seemed to be far too close to Sebastian, blocking her from being where she wanted to be. It was that frustration that had the girl flinging Sebastian aside to create some space that allowed her to get to Dorian. She wanted needed to remind him of what she was capable of. There was a part of her that was aware of the fact that he used some form of ability on her during their trip together and she had been good, of that she was sure. Perhaps he needed a reminder then of just who had the upper hand, who had made whom. No harm would come to Dorian so long at Sebastian stayed put and listened.

Sebastian’s spitting words caused Anna to blink. Think of anyone else? “...You.. I think of’re mine. Mine to teach to be a vampire, mine to protect.” As if that should have been clear as day. Anna shook her head, blonde locks swaying with the motion. “You hide from me...can’t protect you when you hide. Can’t keep the traitors away.” Her gaze narrowed down at Dorian. “Traitors lie, traitors get close, make you trust then...then kill. Killed her...try to kill you.”

The sudden disappearance of the man whom had been in her clutches caused her frustration. That ability was new to her. Dorian reappearing beside Sebastian once more with a scolding on his tongue which only caused Anna’s lip to twitch up to bare her fangs. He was the guest as far as she was concerned. He wasn’t a vampire so didn’t belong in this, wouldn’t understand it. Dorian dared to return back within her reach to crouch down before her. As Sebastian still remained obedient Anna clenched her hands at her sides refraining from lashing out at Dorian. He spoke calmly, that is true, but her suspicion about him was now raised. “You lied to me...traitors lie.” She had only just met him and he was far too close for comfort to her Sebastian, the one being she would protect without question because he was hers.

It was strange then to begin to feel that itch of exhaustion at the peripheral of her mind. The same heaviness that usually signaled sunrise was but an hour or two away though she was sure it wasn’t. Anna-Marie shook her head once more, “I don’t want to go back. Not my home… empty...lonely…” She grumbled as she tried to fight through the increasing exhaustion. “I’m.not.tired!” She finally mustered to shout as the anger that boiled within the vampire was mirrored in the quickened churning of the shadows behind her, one form unfurling up and up in threat to touch the ceiling before just as quickly lurching forward at the men. Gratefully it didn’t make it far, dropping down to the floor to all but explode and scatter back into the shadows as Anna’s own form buckled to her knees. She hadn’t fed much on her earlier victim before that strange vampire had attacked her. There was very little energy she had to not only steal but for her body to use on abilities. “” Anna mumbled matter-of-factly as she rubbed at her eyes in desperate attempt to keep them open.