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Dorian AragonaHis Royal Highness

Those moments in which Dorian so found himself upon his knees and Sebastian in turn was tossed into a wall like no more than a mere rag doll were perhaps the most alarming he had experienced within this city so far. His mind struggled for several moments to come to terms with this predicament and just whom was behind them. Samantha’s words somehow finding place within his mind. Dorian so recalling her words that night after that dreadful supper where the woman had all but sobbed into his shirt those terrible things his lover had done. Dorian had so refused to believe them then and indeed the man found at least some sense of resilience in the notion that he had been correct. Sebastian, it seemed, had not been responsible for Samantha’s terror that night. At least, not in any direct sense. He had been nothing but a tool in a game so twisted by a truly objectionable child. Her sweet features and blonde ringlets appearing almost sinister to the Fae now. Oh how he disliked this child with a potency that near terrified him. How long it had been since he had felt a hate of this level! He hated her for every moment of suffering ever exacted upon his boyfriend, for every bit of guilt and worry and remorse that he knew existed within Sebastian for those things he had surely done that he never spoke off and Dorian never asked after. How dare she place him upon his very knees! King’s he was quite assured, did not kneel- and yet that power upon him was oppressive. Dorian distracted only from his own predicament by Sebastian’s sudden shouting.

In all the time they had been together he had never once yet heard the vampire shout. That sudden sound seeing his own gaze glance upward at those harshly offered British lyrics. His lover, quite clearly, telling that child exactly what he thought of her declaring her ownership of him before that conversation so turned to the child’s threat to kill Dorian himself. The Monarch’s eyes widened slightly, this threat so seeming to set Sebastian off once more and yet some part of the Fae so took a measure of pride in his boyfriend in that moment. In all he threatened to do to that child for him. Dorian quite assured he loved Sebastian with a striking fierceness in that moment and yet he would have done no less for the vampire himself were their positions reversed. Dorian assured he would have gone to war for the man if need be. The vampire pacing like a cage animal and yet he hardly progressed forward as the child demanded. Dorian assured the girl had been entertained for more than enough this evening. He had played with her, entertained her childish whims and been nothing but polite to her in an effort to avoid this. Dorian unwilling to be further to be subject to her any longer, nor to have her afflict such distress upon Sebastian and himself.

His affinity was summoned readily, encompassing his form to remove it from the bonds of reality and in turn, the bonds of the little vampire’s power. Dorian disappearing from view only to reappear but a stride away from where he had knelt. The Monarch upon his feet once more, his gaze readily finding Sebastian’s own in an effort to offer some assurance that he was alright even though he knew it was perhaps futile. The little vampire content to argue back now. Continuing to declare Sebastian her own to command, to teach, to protect….like a dog. A knot of discontent further tightening within him at the mere way this girl thought of Sebastian. This, he supposed, was why a child vampire should not exist. She had the mentality of a child and always would. She would never possess the mental capacity to see sense, to understand complex emotion as an adult- she could hardly be reasoned with. Dorian so attempting then- to speak to her on a level she might understand and in a way she might find agreeable lest another tantrum start and threaten them both once more. His words soft, calm, aiming to distract her from her anger. The girl clenching her fists in her agitation before declaring him a traitor and a liar. Traitor to what and who he hardly knew, much less what he had lied about and yet he supposed it hardly mattered. He was not about to debate with a child. To do so would validate her concerns and he had no intention of doing that. Truly he had little intention of debating with her fairly at all. Dorian so exacting another of his affinities then- latching onto her energy, her own stolen life force- and simply beginning to drain it from her, weakening her further and further with each passing second until exhaustion pressed at her and her own powers surely seemed too difficult to summon. The Fae so suggesting it was time for her to go home to bed. The girl protesting readily.

“You heard Sebastian. You cannot stay here, not tonight.”

Her assurance that it was ‘not her home’ hardly bothered the Fae. She had clearly, for months, been sleeping somewhere rather safely. Dorian not at all about to feel but an ounce of pity or weakness for the girl. That sudden, sharp sound of his name seeing the man glance up and away from the child now, his silver gaze falling back upon Sebastian’s own. That command to move away readily seeing the man take several steps back- his own gaze falling suddenly onto that shadow creature rearing up above him. His own eyes widened, the man almost reaching for his own shadow-made weapons before the creature suddenly crashed and shattered, the little vampire falling to her knees in the wake of his own power. Shouting but a final time that she was not tired. Dorian merely remained where he stood but a moment longer, his form shifting slightly closer and within reach of Sebastian’s own at last, the man shifting his affinity just enough to allow Sebastian alone to see that flow of energy from the little vampire to Dorian himself. The Fae shifting but slightly forward a final time as the girl struggled to keep her eyes open and exhaustion weighed on her. Dorian content to attempt to take the last of her energy now and send her into unconsciousness. His voice calm all the same.

“No. You are not staying here. I am sorry you have been upset but Sebastian can look after himself tonight. He is not one of your toys, Anna-Marie. It’s time for you to go to sleep now. All is well."