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Dorian AragonaHis Royal Highness

It was nothing short of bizarre, this notion of vampire and Maker, Dorian highly curious as to just what this association was and more so- just how it worked. The idea that Sebastian might be compelled by another simply because she was the source of his creation seemed nothing short of outrageous. Especially when that creator was a foolish child whom Dorian suspected may never have even intended to create Sebastian in the first place. Just how a vampire was made he remained unsure and yet he held his suspicions of the fact. It was, Dorian decided, far more likely that he was looking at his lovers murderer. No amount of perceived innocence capable of removing that sin from her. At least, not within his eyes. The conversation exchanged between Sebastian and the child was short and mostly sharp. His lover so clearly put out with the girl, his words far sharper then Dorian had ever heard him take with another being and yet truly the Monarch hardly found he blamed him. The girl’s threats upon himself, whether she truly intended to carry them out or not, hardly inclined him to her any further. The manner by which Sebastian seemed to abide her ‘rules’ assuring him the child was evidently capable off what she promised and yet truly this only sought to see him bristle eternally all the more. Sebastian’s assurance that she had left him was met with a curious glance. There was much, it seemed, that they need talk off.

His own attempts to placate the child seemed only to work to an extent as he knelt before her, attempting to speak to her on a level she might understand. Even despite his own irritation and stress over the situation the Monarch remained the very epitome of pleasant in those moments as he attempted to distract the girls thoughts away from his own destruction and soothe her into some measure of compliance. His own affinity effortlessly reached out in those moments, tugging at the very energy that she had fed from tonight and so beginning to drag it from her frame and into himself. Dorian wholly content to play the role of vampire in a sense tonight. Sebastian’s sudden words saw the Monarch glance upward, that readily rearing shadow seeing him shift back onto his feet and hurriedly so, the Fae backing away from the girl and towards Sebastian as the vampire stepped forward and come to his side. Dorian’s heart quickening slightly in anticipation of some attack by that creature before it suddenly collapsed- just as the little vampire before him. Those final words of defiance upon her lips. That feel of Sebastian beside him, his hand upon his shoulder, was wholly comforting- Dorian leaning slightly into that gesture as he exacted the last of his power upon the girl. Ripping that last bit of borrowed life from her to plunge her into that weakened state, his power further added by Sebastian own until the child slumped over into unconsciousness entirely.

For several moments the Monarch merely remained where he was, eyeing the fallen child wearily, her name uttered softly on his lips in search of a reaction before assuring himself she was entirely and utterly unconscious. That tension within his frame all but collapsed in relief that moment, the sheer effort with which he had been maintaining his demeanour so evidently clear as he turned wordlessly to his lover. Dorian’s arms wrapped easily about Sebastian’s neck, drawing the man to him if only just to hold him for that single moment. The fae leaning back just so as to press his lips to the mans own and steal that kiss from him- assuring himself the vampire was entirely well.

“Are you alright?”

He uttered the words all the same, after all, Sebastian had been near tossed into a wall. Vampire or otherwise his wellness mattered almost desperately to the Monarch. Dorian at last leaning away to turn and face that child again, his shoulder pressing still into Sebastian side as if determined to cling to the very being he so feared he might have somehow lost in those moments. It was an entirely dark thought that consumed his mind in that singular moment. Dorian near inclined to ask why Sebastian did not rid himself of the child permanently. Here and now, as she was, it would be a matter of ease to run a stake through her tiny chest else remove her head from her shoulders. Those words very near upon his lips before he silenced them. If her death was possible at Sebastian’s hand or by his order then surely….in two hundred years…it would have been done? Dorian ashamed that such dark thoughts might cross his mind and yet in the pursuit of his lovers safety it seemed there was little he would not consider. A soft sigh fell from his lips at last, those thoughts cast aside for now or at least until they might be given to speak off this properly, his silver gaze meeting the blue of his companions own.

“Have you somewhere we can take her and leave her? I suspect she will not wake now until tomorrow night, there is nothing left for me to draw from her in the least. We can talk of this later, for I fear I have many questions, but for now, the sooner we are rid of her the better I think.”