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He felt right at home with her nestled against his chest in the sanctity of the bathtub. Something just felt so natural about being here with her, like they'd been living together for years or something. It was hard to believe that he'd only met her in that vampire bar just a few months ago and now look at where they were. She chuckled when he told her he would take care of everything and she turned in the bath to face him. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he raised a brow at her in surprise but his expression softened the minute she rested her lips against his. He sighed and rested his forehead against hers.

"And we will. I just don't want you stressing your body or the baby out in the meantime. Let me do all the manual labor. You've got your own work to prepare for."

He'd heard horror stories of baby delivery and he feared for her. Who knows how long it had been since she was human to feel simple things like pain and they say the pain of delivery if ten times that any human body can withstand. On top of that, she was a vampire and her body was different, tougher, able to heal quickly but how would it do in the act of dialating to let a baby out? Would she need surgery? Would the baby survive? So many what if's and he was freaking out on the inside. The more research he did on this, the more he panicked because this had never happened before so there literally was nothing to read. A vampire could not have children. It was written everywhere he looked. So he felt more helpless than anything.

She gave him another long kiss then rested her head on his shoulder and he smiled. He was more prepared for her next words of warning. He nodded.

"I've been taking the necessary precautions. I still have some witch connections so I've already set up wards and such outside the house. It won't endanger you but any unwelcome company might have second thoughts. No one will touch you or the baby, I promise."

If there was one thing he was good and experienced at, it was hunting and he was on the look out for any others of any species that might show interest in Amelia or their unborn child. He knew there were probably plenty of others that would kill to have her to experiment on, to study how she was able to do it. The baby would be the ultimate prize for any scientist but he would die ten times over before he let anyone like that touch her or the baby.

He could feel the water starting to cool but he was reluctant to let go of her touch. It seemed she would have to be the one to make that decision, disentangling herself from around him before getting out of the tub. She wrapped a towel around herself and he took the towel offered to him, lightly drying himself before wrapping it around his waist. When she smiled at him, he moved closer with a smirk, his eyes twinkling. Then she thanked him and he furrowed his brows and stepped up to rub his hands up and down her arms, leaving soft kisses on her shoulder.

"They'd have to drag me away kicking and screaming, baby. You've changed my whole world, Amelia."

And he meant every word.


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