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He didn't want to keep her a prisoner in her own house so he had made sure the spells wouldn't harm her or the baby if she were to venture outside. He had even thought about having hunters follow her but knew that might be crossing a line. She was a strong independent woman and he didn't want to be the one to take that away from her. Besides, the last thing he wanted was to do something unforgivable and she would dismiss him from both her life and the baby's. He wanted her safe but still able to live her own life. He watched her as she moved the brush through her hair. Every move she made enchanted him and he couldn't get enough of it. But the space between them now was killing him so he moved to stand behind her, leaving soft kisses on her bare flesh. When he glanced in the mirror, he saw her eyes were closed and he smiled, glad that he could still cause her such pleasure.

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck and he returned her passionate kiss, licking her lips tauntingly as she pulled back. She said that he had made her life happy and he was the best thing that ever happened to her. He smiled then glanced at her stomach.

"You're only going to be saying that until Troy Junior arrives. Then I'll have to take runner up and wear my silver medal with as much dignity as I can muster."

His eyes glittered at her teasingly as he moved his hand down to caress her skin there gently in circles. He could feel movement and it made him feel so much more alive to know that he had helped create this child, whatever or whoever it would be. He made a soft mmm noise in his throat as her fingers delicately played in his hair, closing his eyes momentarily but then she spoke, telling him that she loved him and he had to reopen his eyes to stare into her gaze with a loving smile.

"And I love you, Amelia. More than anything."

He echoed her words even as her lips met his. He melted into the kiss, holding her close, his fingers gently caressing her back. He could hold her like this forever and it would never be enough. She was his world. Her and that baby.

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