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Henry wished that he could just drink himself to oblivion. But he was so worried about Sterling. He wasn’t even sure if Sterling was alive, let alone doing alright. He had a feeling until he was able to see Sterling and see that he was still alive, he would be unable to truly lose himself. Perhaps he needed to get laid. Perhaps that would help loosen his tense muscles just a little bit.

When she said that he needed a few of her drinks so he would loosen up and become less serious, he nodded. “You’re probably right. I’m just really worried about someone that I hurt.” He didn’t go into any more details, unsure about what to even say. How could he just go out and say “Oh yeah, by the way, I’m a fucking were and I fucking killed the only person that made me smile”. It seemed too open and Henry was rarely an open person.

The only thing really distracting him in this moment was caring for Malia. He focused on trying to get her home in one piece. At least that was better than thinking about Sterling and wondering if the male was even alive.

He ordered a to-go-box for the fries and he couldn’t help but chuckle at Malia’s words. “Don’t worry, they are coming with us. We just aren’t going to eat them here.” He began to get up off the stool, putting some money on the table to pay for their drinks and meals. When she spoke of his money, he laughed. It was the first good laugh he had done in the last few days. “I have to pay for the food and the drinks.” One day she would learn more about this world and that nothing in it was free. This world was harsh but she was living the life through the eyes of a child essentially. She was still learning about just how cruel this world could be.

He helped Malia to her feel, holding her close to him to help keep her steady. He had one arm wrapped around her waist, the other holding their fries. When she said she wasn’t ready to go home, he looked at her. “Malia…you can barely walk. You need to sleep off your alcohol.” He asked where she was staying and she said with her alpha…Frost. While he had no idea who frost was, he had to wonder briefly if Frost and Tetradore were rivals. By default, he was a member of Tetradore’s pack…whatever that meant. Was he even allowed to consort with members of other packs?

Deciding it was best not to take her back to Frost just yet, he turned as they exited the building and began to walk her towards his motel room. “We’ll go back to my motel room for tonight.” It had been a long time since he’d brought anyone back to a motel room. Normally it meant that he was planning on getting into the individual’s pants that night. Unfortunately, Henry wasn’t feeling very randy tonight. He was far too worried about Sterling. He just wished he knew if the man was a live.


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