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Malia wasn't a reader. She'd probably get too frustrated if she ever wanted to learn. It was just words on a page. She was more about action any day. Why did this have to be any different? She could sense that maybe it was supposed to be something intimate or something you do with someone you actually like as more than friends but she wasn't getting any younger and she didn't want to be all clueless and asking a bunch of questions when she was with someone she liked. She liked Henry well enough. It wasn't like he wasn't easy on the eyes. He was pretty attractive and while she was sure they were never going to happen, he was still a close friend and she trusted him. There were very few people she could say that about. Frost had a girlfriend and she was pretty sure Nadya wouldn't like her asking these things to him. The thought of bringing this up to Tetradore just made her hands sweat. Maybe she could have talked about it more with Miyako or even Nadya but she just felt more comfortable with Henry than any of them. He was the first human she'd ever had contact with. He was the first impression for all humans and he didn't disappoint in her opinion.

He chuckled at her when she said it didn't seem fun for females. She scowled at him, thinking he was making fun of her. Then he said it would be fun when she experienced it. He brought up a mate and she stiffened a little. She tilted her head, suddenly thoughtful. "But I see humans talking about it in bars and stuff. Do humans get a new mate every night? It sure seems like it." She recalled seeing many a girl flirting with men in the bars and she could tell they didn't even know each other, yet they ended up leaving the bar looking all snuggly and it didn't take an expert to smell the pheromones coming off of them like cheap perfume. She moved closer to him, their shoulders brushing. He coughed and she smirked at him. She could sense the rising tension. Did she make him nervous with her forwardness? Adorable. He asked her if she was sure and then brought up pregnancy and she scowled again, pulling back a little.

"I never signed on to have your pups, Henry. I just want to know what all the fuss is about. Have fun with me." She smiled, looking into his eyes as she tried to read his expression. She tilted her head, batting her lashes at him teasingly. "You don't think I'm ugly, do you? Don't you find me at least a little attractive? This doesn't have to be hard. Just two friends having fun." She reached out boldly, her hand resting on his thigh as she continued to look into his eyes expectantly.


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