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He was very adept with his hands. She figured this out quick enough when her shirt then her bra shortly thereafter went flying to the floor. And she wasn't self conscious at all about her nude torso. It felt freeing, natural. She still wasn't quite so sure what to do with the breasts on her chest since they weren't full with milk as Frost had informed her. She didn't know that you really needed them if not for feeding your young. And Henry didn't have ones as big as hers which only puzzled her more. So was it just a female thing? She had noticed the differences in size per gender but it's not like she got to see naked men walking around. In fact, it was like she was only were that was alright with the whole nude thing. Even Frost shifted with clothes like it was forbidden or something but she didn't get it. What was so wrong with the human flesh that they needed to keep it covered? It was all so fascinating to her and Henry was going to be the first nude male specimen for her to look at. She was excited, in more ways than one. Sure, she'd seen Frost shirtless a few times but getting to touch Henry and really marvel in all of was a whole new level for her.

She felt something harden beneath her which made her squirm on his lap as she looked at him in surprise. "Did something just...?" Her eyes widened and she couldn't help but smirk. "Was that your..? Oh...." She knew about male parts and all, but not the human equivalent. She was curious to see it, she had to admit. He told her that his chest wasn't meant to feed pups and she scowled, looking down to grasp her own breast like it was the more natural thing in the world. "But there's no milk! It's like...all fat or something. What's the point in that?" Then she looked at him and scowled, suddenly feeling sheepish. "Should I stop asking stuff? Am I ruining the mood?" She'd hate to think he was having regrets already because she wouldn't shut the hell up. He found a new way to silence her though. As he leaned in, she felt his lips grasp her nipple and instantly she gasped at the shock of the wet coldness, his tongue teasing it and her back arched as a moan dragged from her lips. She felt her skin flush with the sensation of it. "Oh..." Is all she could think of to say. So THIS is what they were for.

As he held her breast, she leaned into it, her breathing growing ragged with wanting as she pulled on his hair again and her teeth found his ear lobe. As his thumb worked across her nipple, she moaned again, her nails raking down the back of his neck. As she found his lips in a kiss, he deepened it and she responded with new fervor. When his tongue entered her mouth, her eyes popped open in shock before she realized that it didn't exactly feel bad. Slowly she re-closed her eyes, her own tongue teasing his as she tried to mimic what he was doing, hoping she was doing it right. Was there a right way to this? He picked her up and her nails pressed against his back instinctively to hold her on but then she felt the plush mattress beneath her back and she felt herself slowly relaxing. Oh yeah, humans did it on a soft surface most of the time. That was nice anyway. As his hands reached to undo her pants, she gasped with the aching to be free, her hips arching up to help him as he pulled them away. Then that god-awful thong was gone too and she let out a breath of relief.

She continued to let her fingers explore him, her fingers working their way down the hem of his jeans but his word stopped her. She looked up into his eyes. Beautiful? She knew what it meant but had never been called it before. Caesar thought of her as strong and resilient, dependable. Coyotes were never judged by their looks. Slowly she smiled, her eyes lighting up at the compliment as she leaned up to give him a sweet slow kiss. She didn't really know what to say so she could only hope that would be answer enough. His lips went back to her skin and she closed her eyes, her fingers tracing over his chiseled back now as he worked his way down. She gasped and moaned every time he found a sensitive spot but she felt like she was on pins and needles at this point. EVERYTHING felt sensitive. She didn't know which to focus on, his beautiful mouth or his strong hands, both giving her such strong sensations of pleasure that she couldn't think straight, period. As he moved ever closer to that particularly sensitive spot between her legs, she squirmed and gasped. What was this great and terrible magic?

And then, the greatest jolt of all. Coyotes didn't do much for foreplay. There was the initial nuzzling to show affection and some licking then when a female was in heat, the male would stick his nose all up in her business and bump her around a little to make sure she was ready before he'd just mount and go to it. It was all duty, no pleasure. But THIS? She couldn't even wrap her mind around it. She didn't know whether to stop him with a growl or just give in, but so far her white flag was up and waving cause she couldn't think to do anything BUT give in. She didn't know what she should have expected with humans. She never thought about what they did behind closed doors. The moment his mouth hit her apex, she arched upward in shock, her hands grasping the bed sheets, nails threatening to rip right though them as she screamed. "Henry!" It just felt so GOOD. His name was all she could think to say. It was the first thing that came to mind. How could he do that?

She couldn't even focus on what he was doing, too absorbed in everything going on down THERE. What should she do? Should she be doing anything? She felt useless but at the same time, she didn't much care because it felt so damn good. But shouldn't she care? She didn't want him to think she was a lousy person to be with. He was her first but she would be damned if she was going to be a lousy first timer.


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