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Henry laid next to her in an almost dreamlike state. It had been too long since he had been with anyone, let alone a woman. The last person he had been with was Sterling. It had been a long time since he had been with anyone else. After getting his memories back, Henry and Sterling had chosen not to be intimate with one another just yet. They had wanted to wait. It was the belief that they get to know each other better without the physical intimacy for a period. When they finally did decide to take the next step with one another, Henry had shifted and mauled Sterling. So it was a big deal that he had slept with anyone.

He heard her question about what he had put on her back and he couldn’t help but chuckle lightly. “It’s what creates pups.” He paused, letting the words slip from his lips rather nonchalantly. After a few moment’s, it occurred to him that she might not realize how pups were formed. “It only creates pups if it gets inside of you. On your back is fine.” He hoped he could be a little more reassuring.

He slid from the bed, moving towards the sink and grabbing a warm washcloth to help clean her up. He mentioned that she could have sex in any position imaginable and her confusion was cute. “It can be done a lot of ways as a human.” First he cleaned himself off before crossing the room again and gently cleaning up the semen and the little bit of blood that was there. Once she was cleaned off, he swatted at her butt playfully before tossing the rag back into the sink.

As he sat down, he looked up at her, explaining that what he did with his lips could be done to a man too. He was pleasantly surprised at her curiosity. She was eager to learn and right now, he was an awfully willing teacher. “You can lick it, kiss it, touch it…but what feels the best is sucking it…like a popsicle or a lollipop.” There were other things she could do too that were pleasurable to a man, but honestly, she probably needed to be in a serious relationship to explore all the different possibilities. Henry knew he was a fling for her. He could never be something permanent.


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