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Henry seemed almost blissful beside her on the bed but he looked thoughtful as well, like he had a lot on his mind. She couldn't even begin to guess what all this meant for him. It's not like she expected any change in their friendship from it or anything. She didn't even think about the fact that they were were's and could shift during heightened emotion. It just never occurred to her during all that. If it did, she would only be thinking about all the other possibilities... He chuckled at her when she asked about the stuff on her back. He explained that it makes puppies and at first she started to panic. "Wait, what? Then get it off me! I said no puppies, Henry!" She scolded him, her eyes glaring. Then he said that it only did that if it got inside her and she relaxed only slightly. She spoke through gritted teeth. "Then can it come off my back some time soon? Like can you grab me something or am I wiping it off on you?" Her brow arched up, gaze challenging. This part wasn't so fun. Finally he got up and went to get a rag. She watched with barely concealed irritation as he cleaned himself up first and then finally came over to clean her. She was about to snatch the rag and do it herself but she stopped herself as he leaned over to do it himself.

He was being super gentle so she felt her short temper relaxing a little as he rubbed at her skin. She exhaled slowly, calming herself as he told her that there were many ways to do it as a human. Her eyes widened on that thought but she couldn't form the words before he swatted her butt, causing a surprised yelp from her lips as she flipped over on the bed to glare at him, but there was a playful smirk on her face. He sat down next to her and she scooted closer, not because she wanted anything this time but because she was curious about this trick he was talking about she could do with her mouth. He told her she could kiss it, lick it, touch it, but that sucking it felt the best. Tilting her head, she thought for a moment before glancing down between his legs. She was still fascinated. Then she scowled and shifted on the bed. "Am I supposed to feel sore? I don't think I've ever had a muscle cramp or felt sore from anything but I just feel...well, sore down there." Then she refocused on what they were talking about. She leaned forward, her hand reaching for his manhood. She stopped halfway, glancing at him. "Um...can I?"

Curiosity burned in her eyes and if he gave the okay, she would slowly touch it, her fingers tracing lightly down the length to the tip. She got down off the bed and crouched in front of him, not thinking at all that it might be awkward for him. She was too engrossed in his unit to think about it. Her fingers ran back and over it, giggling a little as it throbbed at her touch. She noticed the hole at the tip and looked up at him, eyes wide. "Is this how you pee?" She felt the tissue all around it and down, even eying his testicles curiously. She saw plenty of those with coyotes but still, they looked different on humans.


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