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Henry watched her as she flipped over onto her back, scooting closer to him. His body was still relaxed and satisfied and he almost didn’t give a care in the world. Already he had grown soft, his manhood resting lightly at his thigh. She asked if she should feel sore and he nodded his head lightly. “Maybe a little bit. It’ll get better. You’ve not used those muscles before.” What he didn’t mention was the more that she exercised those particular muscles, the better she might feel. He was okay with introducing her to sex…but he was not going to make her a whore.

He was momentarily lost in thought before he heard her ask him if she could do something. It took him a moment to realize her hand was halfway to him. He simply shrugged. “Sure, I don’t mind.” He knew that his whole body was super sensitive so the moment she began to stimulate him, he would harden beneath her touch.

And as if on cue, the exploratory touches that she gave him made his desire stir once more. He swallowed as she began to explore him, his body responding readily. He caught her chuckle, knowing it was probably due to the hardening that she was getting to witness first hand. Each time her fingers grazed the tip, he had to suck in a breath. At her question, he grunted, trying hard to put the words together to answer her question. “Yes…and that part is very…sensitive.” He felt his muscles tighten as he shifted on the bed. It was in this moment that he decided she was doing this on purpose. She was trying to make him come undone.


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