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He couldn’t help the playful chuckle when she asked him if she was the one responsible for making him more firm in her touch. He nodded his head softly. “Not every time…but when I’m attracted to the person I’m with and that person is touching it…it happens every time.” He could still adjust himself and pee without causing any sort of reaction. But he was attracted to Malia and they had just slept together. She was still naked and now she was touching him…so yes, it was bound to make him firm at just the slightest touch.

He mentioned that the head of his penis was the most sensitive post, and he did not miss the playfulness in her voice. He chuckled as he reached down to grab her hand. Instead of the innocent touches she was giving him before, he helped her grip him firmly. He showed her how to quickly pump her hand up and down upon him, showing her how to twist her hand just slightly when she did so. It made him firm up more within her hands, his teeth biting down on his lips to stop a groan from escaping.

He eventually let go of her hand, letting her explore in the manner that he had shown her. Already with each touch, his muscles tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed. He felt himself grow closer to yet another orgasm and he chuckled lightly. “You’re a natural. Keep it up and you’ll get more wet stuff on you…” He had no doubts that if she continued, she was bound to get them dirty again.


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