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The last thing Henry needed was to try to relax in his own hotel room with a naked woman intent on distracting him. He wanted, no he needed, her to get dressed. If she stayed naked, he was sure to want to fuck her again. And really, as much as he enjoyed himself, he probably shouldn’t have screwed her in hindsight. But, what was done was done and there was nothing else he could do about the matter as of now. He simply had to own up to his actions. That said, he would not be making the same mistake twice.

She wined at him, asking him if she really needed to put her clothes back on and he nodded his head lightly. “Yes, you do. You’ll have to head home soon and you can’t go out with no clothes on.” Well, she could certainly do that but that would not be advisable. She could get arrested, raped, or a multitude of other things. He still cared for Malia. She was his friend and the last thing he wanted was for her to get herself hurt.

He mentioned that naked people were distracting to him and she had to asked about all naked people. He chuckled. “Yes, all. Some more so than others. Especially you. You fog my thoughts. And turn me on.” He needed to be able to think clearly and he certainly could not do that if Malia was as naked as the day she was born.

Once he was dressed, he moved back to the fries they had brought home from the bar. He took a few and pushed them into his mouth, chewing completely. All this activity had worked him up an appetite. He probably needed to eat something far more sustainable than fries. But, that was all that was available to him so he would have to make it work.


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