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Sebastian Ellington

I thought you knew I was filthy rich
I thought you knew I never answer my phone
I thought you knew I was a late night with a bad bite I thought you knew.

It hadn't occurred to the Englishman that his Maker might not approve of his relationship with the Italian King. In fact, he hadn't even considered in the slightest that she already did not. For so long, Sebastian was without any true intervention within his life. Beyond the staff at Belton, those near centuries went without anyone truly caring for what he did, not that he ever stuck around long enough to give many a chance to do so beyond that first initial encounter. The vampire was so often the epitome of enigmatic from an outside perspective that he rarely gave anyone the chance to see his concerns and insecurities, much less know of his relationships with his servants, his little makeshift family and, now, Dorian himself. He cared little, truly, on Anna-Marie's thoughts on his life. Any consideration he might have given her had been stripped from her the very moment she had near chided him with his simple desire to allow his victims to live, much less made him participate in those awful games of chase - when they'd near hunted down those terrified girls in the forest. Every single encounter with her had left him with a near emotional scar. No - the singular being in which he so wished to earn their approval was, in fact, Matteo himself.

Sebastian was hardly ignorant to that sudden flutter of Dorian's heart at that mention of Matteo himself, and though he fully understood why the Monarch might be nervous of that upcoming gathering, he truly wished he could offer some word to reassure his lover that everything would be okay. Surely, the Frenchman would not simply lie to his very own son on his parentage when directly inquired after it - would he? A small frown marred the vampire's lips in consideration, even as he so insisted that Dorian's own conversation with the elder fae was vastly more important than any information he might glean from the often mysterious man. His bright blue eyes attentively eyed that simper upon the fae King's features. He'd certainly known Dorian long enough to recognize those genuine looks of joy from the man - this one was done simply for the action of it, in an effort to hide those feelings that persisted underneath, ones that he knew existed even if Dorian failed to voice their presence. His head shook ever so slightly and yet, beyond offering the truth, he knew little of what he might do to ease those concerns. "I know you're worried about it, Ma Bichette, but I believe that this has been a long time coming and I suspect Matteo knows of it as well as I do. This will not go as poorly as you fear, I promise you." Indeed, he had every intention of making this right. Though he intended to give the French fae the opportunity to so reveal that parentage himself, it was not beyond Sebastian to step in if the man should pass up that opportunity. After all, Matteo wanted to see Dorian happy, did he not? And Sebastian near required the blessing of his future father-in-law to follow through on that engagement. It was not beyond his abilities to hold that very thing hostage till the fae admitted his own relationship with Dorian's mother - even if it was in decidedly poor taste.

Even so, he allowed that conversation to shift back to those conundrums that Sebastian himself could no longer escape. He knew particularly little of his Maker or those events that so brought her to her current state of mind. What little he was able to gather only served to produce more questions than offer any real answers. Nevertheless, the vampire was content to recount those feeble facts to his companion, that small frown across Dorian's lips only further assured Sebastian of what he already knew - that such a description was particularly useless. That soft sigh only coaxed a glimpse of dissatisfaction upon his own features, his head bobbing ever so slightly in silent agreement that the description of the man who was so responsible for that fire that ruined that coven, his maker's current state of mind, and, ultimately, his own death, was….worthless. There was many who could fit that physical description alone! How many men smelled of cloves within Sacrosanct as it was?! And who was to say the fellow even still smelled of it? To be frank, Sebastian hardly even knew if this man was even of his own species. With what little information he had, that stranger could have easily died some ages and ages past. His head shook ever so slightly at the hopelessness of that entire situation and yet - that final question that lingered upon Dorian's lips was one he actually had some sort of concrete answer to.

Ceara. God, she only made this whole situation decidedly worse. "Ceara is Anna-Marie's adopted...child of sorts, I suppose. Her Maker...abandoned her, I guess and, when Anna-Marie was still sane, she took her in and taught her how to control that vampirism within her. Unfortunately, what knowledge I have of Anna-Marie has been contradicted by Ceara herself. She claimed Anna-Marie has never made another before. Or maybe just that said other was not alive….I don't know." He shook his head ever so slightly, those fingers raising to his temples at the sheer stress of it all. To be faced with the complicated facets of this problem that so affected his very life - even without his want. He had never asked to be turned by the woman. He had never asked or strove for her to remember that connection to him and sure as hell did not want her in the depths of his life. Those thoughts so tugged deeply at the man, much less those criticisms that were near forced upon him from a world he truly had no interest in being apart of. He was hardly attentive, truly, to the fashion at which he so scrubbed that stove in an effort to near make it shine. His hands were so diligently searching for something to do whilst his thoughts were so torn upon all that he had occurred tonight and all that he had so attempted to bury for so very long.

He had little notion, truly, of that near possessiveness that fluttered to life within his boyfriend chest. For near the past year he had been subjected to those childish whims, to be forced to indulge in those murderous activities against his wishes. He had been the monster that crept in the darkness, that nightmare truly coming to life that fateful evening within Dorian's own home with the way Samantha had so looked at him for a choice he had never made. He'd tried to brush it off, he'd tried to not involve himself in her life in a way that might make her uncomfortable without sacrificing his relationship with the fae King. He tried to make those wrongs right, as best as he could within the confines of that child's commands and affinities. It was that simple press of Dorian's hand against his own that drew his gaze in those delicate moments, the fae King making an effort in those moments to impress upon him the simple importance of himself within his lover's life, to freely share those worries and concerns without fretting that he was somehow burdening the man with those thoughts. Though he understood that simple desire to help, after all, Sebastian would surely have done anything at all for the sake of his King, that culture he'd been born within so near demanding the very opposite of him - then again, when had he so easily given into what was expected of him? Was he not capable of so sharing with Dorian even those dark parts of himself? Had Dorian too not accepted all of those bits of him?

It was those thoughts that so lingered upon his mind as he mixed those drinks. After all, he had failed to reveal those bits of him before with his own previous wife. She remained ignorant of those estates he owned, of those businesses he was in control of….and look at how utterly awful his relationship with her had so ended. No, he had thus far strove to make that life with Dorian different, the fae King himself near promising such. This was surely just an extension of it, was it not? It was that simple notion that so prompted such action from him, the man stepping forward only to press his head against Dorian's shoulder, that admittance falling so softly from his lips - that fear that weighed upon him most of all. He could hardly deny how much he needed his lover at that singular moment, that feeling of Dorian's arms against his body was quite akin to his sanctuary. That simple sentence that Dorian too feared that very same thing only served to make those concerns somehow more intense and yet, he'd hardly expected those solutions that so fell from the fae King's lips. He could hardly deny the feasibility of it and yet, innately, he disliked her having that very gift of life. He was hardly oblivious to that threat that so fell from Dorian's lips, only further chasing away any doubts he had of the fae King's adoration for him, that simple feeling of emotion that so filled him in those tender moments only furthered his fists clinging into the Monarch's shirt.

He was hardly unattentive to that change within Dorian's voice and yet, that simple emotion only further saw the vampire nestle into his lover's embrace. For several moments, he simply stood there within his lover's arm, attempting to find some sort of safety within the Monarch. It was that simple shift and the accompanying sigh that prompted the man to move ever so slightly, the press of Dorian's lips against his forehead drew a weak simper from his features. Mutely, he nodded at that suggestion that, perhaps it was time to leave that kitchen. He grabbed his own drink, pausing with a small frown only to tuck a whole bottle of one of those wines he'd been utilizing against his chest as he allowed Dorian's fingers to entangle within his own and, in turn, lead him upstairs. That bedroom was, perhaps, the only real place that remained untainted by the outside world. It was the singular place reserved for them alone. It was untouched by those friends of Dorian's who took such a keen dislike of him, by his own Maker, by those shadows that so haunted both of their pasts. This very room was theirs alone. The vampire kicked off his shoes, stepping on the front of his socks to peel those off equally so before he joined his lover upon that bed, the man near instantly scooting closer towards his lover only for Dorian to so beat him in the wake of that near vulnerableness, near rolling on top of him to settle upon his chest.

Sebastian's arm shifted around hi lover's waist, his lips gingerly pressing against Dorian's own, entirely aware of that adoration the Monarch so seemed to fill within that simple gesture. He could hardly help the way he so innately held the fae closer in those moments, as if this was simply not enough and yet, it was hardly that sensualness that he so desired so much as that simple need for closeness. His bright blue eyes remained entirely steadfast upon the fae, that sound of the rain pouring outside only further assisting in lulling that Englishman into some measure of comfort after all that had so occurred tonight alone. Those softly spoken words hardly prompted any glimpse of surprised from the vampire though he still found himself almost hesitating all the same, even knowing just how utterly overwhelming those emotions of love surely were between the pair. It was ridiculous really, that in moments such as this he found himself truly wanting the King as more then just his boyfriend. It was an idea he had been toying with of late, an inkling that seemed to grow with each obstacle they so overcame. Even so, Sebastian found a measure for realism in all of this. He hated that possibility of Dorian so relying upon him should such a thing ever occur when the chances were greatly against him. "You have a strong amount of faith in my pain tolerance." He uttered simply, unable to help that soft sigh that left his lips. Still, he supposed he could hardly blame his lover in the slightest. Sebastian truly would have rather die than to harm the fae in the fashion Anna-Marie had so asked of him.

Even so, he reached out to gingerly run his fingers through his lover's hair in a small glimpse of affection, the vampire silent for a moment before uttering those words he near needed Dorian to hear. "I love you, Dorian. Not even she can stop me from feeling that. I will always love you." It was a truth Sebastian knew would not change, no matter what happened. Even if they faced Anna-Marie again, if she disapproved of them, if Matteo disapproved of them, if they didn't work out...no matter what, Sebastian would always love that man settled against him. His gaze turned briefly towards the window, a small frown upon his features as his eyes traced that view into the darkness beyond. It had been a ridiculously long evening - from that moment he'd left his home hours ago till now. First that Dark Hunter's intervention in his meal and then...wait. The truffles! His eyebrows furrowed together as he glanced towards the man against him, commenting almost idly on a topic that was surely far less...emotional than all they had dealt with so far tonight. "Dorian...I know this is silly but….did you at least get to try that chocolate I brought home for you?"