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isolt griffin

I'm more alive than I've ever been

It should have been expected, truly, that neither of her companions were going to make this an effortless experience. What had she been thinking to expect this to go over without a hitch when it involved two of the most iron-willed individuals that she had ever had the fortune to meet? They were, indeed, the very definitions of an unstoppable force and an immovable wall... and their collision seemed imminent. A realization that, though plausible, had not and could not have prepared Isolt for the sudden exchange of witty repartee about the nature of her and Damon's sex life.

Sparkling blue eyes cut to her dark-haired companion even as the verbal darts continue to fly from her lips, a vivid flush finding its way unto the apples of her cheeks in the same moment that the ability to speak returns to her... and quickly betrays her. "Harley, jesus," she hisses, fixing her counterpart with a pleading look that is very nearly as pathetic as it feels. "We don't need a book or... chocolates or whatever. The sex is amazing, like really mind-blowing... oh my god," a single hand rises in what is surely a frivolous attempt to shield her eyes from those of both of the individuals gathered about her table. It had always been a habit (and apparently one that had not been successfully shaken despite many years of practice) for Isolt to descend into a verbal tumble of sorts whenever she found herself in a situation as tense as this one surely was. The auburn-haired woman chances a glance beyond the presumed sanctuary of her fingers to fix Harley with a look that said, without doubt, help me.

She could not in that moment, and probably would never be able to, convey the intensity of her gratitude for the change in subject matter that would take them back down the far safer avenue of the pair's childhood recollections. A small laugh escapes beyond the phantom knot that had fixed itself into her gullet with the embarrassment of moments before. "Oh yeah! I thought he was going to die he was laying on the ground wailing for so long. Didn't you also punch him in the stomach because we caught him cheating at Monopoly?" Isolt smiles despite the recollection of her brother's agony, however deserved it might have been, for those had been times far simplier than the ones that had come after. The times when they had all been together in their proverbial fortress of innocence, before the world had obliterated their defenses and sent them reeling. "I think we were a source of constant entertainment for Adrien, he just put on a stern face so that we wouldn't think he actually had a sense of humor." A soft smile perches ever so delicately upon her lips as she sends a sidelong glance towards her companion, fully aware of the tenderness of the subject and not at all surprised with Harley's choice to change the subject unto Damon.

Slowly do her eyes move to her lover, narrowing a fraction in answer to his unspoken inquiry. It may not have been readily known when would have been an acceptable time for Harley to know the truth of their "species", but it was certainly not this night...


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