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    Anacosta Heights

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    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

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    Dupont Circle

    Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. Although these houses are somewhat small (often two to three bedrooms) they feature back yards, porches, garages and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and for the neighborhood as a whole.

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    Hawethorn Village

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    Hawethorn Village

    Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawethorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three story townhouses, often with a one to two car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces.

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    River Dale

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    River Dale

    River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold true to the victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans and the occasional brick beams.

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Na na na na na na na na na na101.176.136.166Posted On July 16, 2017 at 11:47 PM by Arlo

Arlo James

See what it's like to be a vulture's lunch

He supposed he hadn’t considered, really, that the piece Sebastian hoped to compose was supposed to be a secret from that mysterious lover so that it might become a gift of sorts in the future. At least, that was entirely what Arlo assumed was the idea behind it. Fair enough. That was decently romantic he supposed. Sebastian hardly the first man to go about such a musical conquest for a lover and yet still- Arlo couldn’t quite imagine doing it for another man. Still, he supposed, each to their own. His own head bobbed briefly in that simple understanding before he found himself, against all better judgement, agreeing to assist on this apparent conquest. He had largely misunderstood Sebastian’s power or in the very least, underestimated it. Arlo remaining assured the vampire could hardly coax genuine feelings of love from him with mere musical notes, especially when he was largely resistant to the idea of those feelings ever existing towards another man. Still- it couldn’t hurt to try he supposed, the idea of the utterly glorious blood as a reward more than enough to prompt him to grasp that pad and paper and topple onto the couch while Sebastian grinned like a cat with the cream at having convinced him to help at all. He was bloody good friend.

His pencil moved easily across that page, copying down Sebastian’s work as the other vampire finished setting up, the man confirming that it was indeed a love song, that soft snort of amusement no sooner pulled from within himself then Sebastian rounded on him with a pointed glare. Arlo so attempting that gesture of innocence as he proclaimed he had hardly been about to say anything, even though he surely had been. Whipped, he was sure, would have had a picture of Sebastian himself in the dictionary beside its meaning and yet it was that declaration that Arlo had surely done no less himself at least once that prompted that admittance of sorts to fall from his own lips. Once and once only had he ever made an attempt to craft a song for just one individual. The wrong individual, as it turned out, his shoulders shrugging in some forced nonchalance as he offered that story. Arlo entirely content to pretend for all the world as if these things hardly affected him, hardly touched him and that he simply didn’t care. It was in the past after all right? Why should it bother him now? If she hadn’t broken up with him for being a vampire he would have broken up with her when he’d found out about that affair all the same. So what did it matter? Why did it still…bother him? Those thoughts were briefly interrupted by Sebastian’s simply statement that lust was flighty. He could hardly argue there. Arlo’s lips parted to respond, the other vampires words beating him too it, Arlo falling silent again in the wake of them.

Someone better? For him? It was almost comical really. Arlo oblivious to the potential truth of those word and Sebastian’s own ability to not only guess at that lover but too- to see them entirely with his on gifts. Arlo assured his companion was merely doing as any man would for another when bemoaning that ever failing love life by offering that simple support. That grin settled readily on his own lips then, Arlo’s hand waving in that almost dismissive gesture.

“Thank you, Dr Love, hopefully whoever they are isn’t too much better or they wouldn’t have any interest in me. I’m not exactly a prize. I mean- I’m considering using boxes as furniture. Pretty sure that sums up the direction of my life right now.”

That chuckle fell from his lips then, his words holding little more than good humour even if the vampire truly almost believed it, to an extent. Guys like him? They didn’t exactly attract those girl-next-door types with the wholesome family values. Guys like him attracted women who wanted a good time, a brief affair and someone to get high with. The very things he’d spent his mortal life wanting in the least. When had that started to change? He fixated his attention almost determinedly on that paper then, declaring it looked just fine so far before gesturing for Sebastian to start. Arlo oblivious to the other vampire’s internal grumblings as begun to play those first few notes. It was…strange. Subtle. So subtle he almost didn’t notice and truthfully had Sebastian not made him aware of it to begin with Arlo was almost entirely sure he’d never have noticed at all and yet he could almost feel that music. Something akin to anticipation of sorts stirring within him. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, no, but it was unexpected, hesitant and bold all at once- an undercurrent of excitement there all the same until Arlo found himself abruptly studying his own shirt and considering for the first time whether or not Sebastian liked it. He hadn’t even said anything about it when he came in. Maybe it was the colour. Wasn’t black supposed to go with everything?

He shook his head almost determinedly before forcing his mind to fixate on those musical notes alone, Arlo complementing both Sebastian’s clear skill with that keyboard and too the way the song sounded, at least so far. That offer to start a band falling from his lips once more. After all, no one could deny how good Sebastian actually was, with a bit of bass and some drums who knew what they could create?! Arlo promptly having forgotten the implications of the power they were testing out, his features frowning slightly then, the man hardly considering the negative impacts. After all, what could be bad about making people feel things? Seb wasn’t thinking about this the right way at all.

“Can’t you just make people feel awesome and like they want to party? I mean can you imagine our concerts if you could keep that mood going? I know, I know ‘impossible’ for now but just keep it in your mind alright?”

Whether or not he truly meant it Arlo hardly knew, for now at least, he supposed, they had other matters at hand, the younger vampire suggesting those subtle edits before the comment upon his shirt so simply seemed to fall from his lips all at once- the man near oblivious to the notion he had said it at all as even Sebastian eyed him quizzically. The elder vampires affinity, it seemed, having taken hold of Arlo in at least some fashion to so prompt that worry for his appearance. Sebastian’s reply however, was entirely unanticipated. Arlo’s lip quirking upward. God. Sebastian was so funny. He had such a great sense of humour- how had he never noticed that before. That very mention of taking off his shirt hardly seemed like a bad idea really, Arlo’s arms folding behind his head as he reclined. Sebastian was so confident in everything he said and did. Hell, Arlo was entirely sure the man could take the shirt off anyone he wanted and they wouldn’t stop him.

“Do you think it’s hot in here?”

Apparently Sebastian didn’t. The vampire picking up where he left off. Arlo momentarily frowning, that brief touch of confusion seeming to settle upon his features, that momentary lull in the elder vampire’s performance seeming to afford him that brief touch of sense once more. Why was he laying like this? Wasn’t he supposed to be writing things down? Arlo cleared his throat softly, shifting upon that couch to pick up that notepad and consider it once more as Sebastian tried that piece again. Arlo, for his part, largely oblivious to that…crush of sorts he’d almost begun to form on the man, one that only increased with every stroke of those keys until Arlo found himself near staring at Sebastian as if the other man was simply wonderful and such feelings were so entirely natural they hardly needed to be questioned. The other vampires voice seeming to momentarily invade those idle daydreams in which Arlo had so begun to consider how truly fortunate he was to have a friend like this.

“Hmm, what? Oh right, I’m listening, keep going.”

It took no more than a few moments for the notes of that first song to take effect. That initial anticipation and excitement shifted into those richer notes Arlo himself had suggested- a hopefulness of sorts that brought a smile to his lips. The music itself was, well, damn good. Even he was willing to admit that, significant praise from a man who hardly cared for those classics in any sense and yet a part of him was almost inclined to like it regardless. After all, Sebastian had made it, he had crafted it and it was….important to him. Somehow. Those emotions so beginning to shift from a harmless crush to something more intense. Something deeper. Arlo seeming to waver on the edge of it before that song suddenly stopped and the elder vampire started again. Those same feelings readily seemed to crash into him with just as much intensity and yet this time, those notes, somehow, seemed to strike at just the right places in a way the first play through had not. He had never felt anything…..like this. God it almost hurt.


It was little more than a whisper. The intensity of those feelings almost suffocating. Was this….love? God if this was what it felt like he wasn’t sure he wanted it at all and it felt almost addictive too, amazingly addictive like some…drug. Those bright blue eyes glanced briefly away from his notepad (where he’d scribbled Sebastian’s name at least four times) to look up at the other vampire at least, those feelings seeming to intensify at the sight of him. The sudden end to those notes seeing those emotions suddenly falter, Arlo taking a sudden, sharp breath as if the sudden loss of it was almost physically painful before he was simply left in the silence of that room.


Those words almost stumbled from his lips, Arlo still trying to collect those thoughts as one handed lifted to run though his hair, his words softer than if only from the sheer shock of it all.

“Is that what love actually feels like? There was something at the end that was different then before. I mean, I liked you earlier in the song and I was weirdly worried about what you thought of me and I was anxious about it and something changed- near the end- it was only for a few notes but-. God, during just those last few notes I would have died for you. It felt amazing and wonderful and like the fucking sun wasn’t even as bright as you were and I’d have done anything to make you smile and this is maybe the lamest stuff I have ever said and I swear to god if you laugh at me I will fucking punch you.”

Arlo had, after all, suffered nearly an entire relationship in a single few minutes, one that had been cut suddenly short, one that had perhaps, unintentionally, left him with something almost akin to…heartache. The very thing left in the absence of love.

“Give me a minute before you play again.”

It wasn’t real. None of it was real. He didn’t love Sebastian and he never had. God this was only like half the song, not even that full intensity just yet, Arlo almost dreading to think what he might do under the sway of that. Who knew something could be even more powerful than lust? Arlo letting his arm rest over his face as he finished adding those last notes to his paper.

“Hey Seb? This lover of yours, is he a vampire too? I’m fairly sure he doesn’t deserve you, I’ve never met the guy but it’s just really important to me that your- oh. Alright, maybe I need a few more minutes. I can feel myself being weird again. I swear to god you’re not allowed to let me take any clothes off….”


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