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    Sacrosanct contains four distinct neighborhoods, each with their own specific kind of houses and residents. Explore our districts, view lists of our citizens and enjoy our block parties!

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    Anacosta Heights

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    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

    5 residents

    Dupont Circle

    Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. Although these houses are somewhat small (often two to three bedrooms) they feature back yards, porches, garages and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and for the neighborhood as a whole.

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    Hawethorn Village

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    Hawethorn Village

    Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawethorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three story townhouses, often with a one to two car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces.

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    River Dale

    10 residents

    River Dale

    River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold true to the victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans and the occasional brick beams.

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love, gimme love, gimme love, i don't need it101.176.136.166Posted On August 08, 2017 at 4:05 PM by Arlo

Arlo James

See what it's like to be a vulture's lunch

Of course it was one of his less proficient ones. Of course it was. Arlo’s features shifting into an entirely dubious look. Was there anything Mr Perfect couldn’t do? He was even good when he was bad! One of his weakest affinities employed with nearly as much mastery as Arlo wielded his best. Some guys had all the luck. Sebastian so apparently one of those people just made to…..stand out he supposed. Still, he almost believed they might have been friends as humans, if their paths had ever crossed earlier on, Arlo amusing himself briefly with the thought and the idea of exactly what sort of school someone like Sebastian went too before his thoughts shifted readily to another part of Sebastian that Arlo was almost entirely sure was just as perfect. His blood. He should be ashamed of himself, he was sure, for just how evident he knew that hunger was upon himself. He could feel it clawing at him, he knew the way he stared and the way his own eyes darkened in those moments in which he anticipated that meal and yet here and now he could hardly bring himself to feel anything other than hunger.

It was his respect for the other man, he supposed, that at least prevented him from lunging at him again like that night they had met and too- the very idea that Sebastian was, well, willing to let him feed. An opportunity for a willing meal came around so rarely that Arlo was hardly inclined to waste it. Sebastian so freely offering any part of himself as Arlo’s tongue fiddled idly with his fang tips in that simple anticipation before gesturing to his neck. God he was hungry. How long had he been this hungry for? Arlo almost sure he hadn’t been until Sebastian had brought it up at the beginning of the evening. Even that mention of blood, it seemed, enough to bring about that shift in Arlo’s normally more placid nature. It was easy to position Seb just how he wanted him, easier still to let his fangs find that tender vein mere moments later. Arlo waiting until he was entirely sure the other vampire was completely beneath that hold of that sedation before drawing his fangs from those wounds, those almost soft moans from the other man assuring him his own venom was readily overtaking Sebastian’s system. How that blood had gotten better he hardly knew. Just how recently Sebastian himself had fed surely having something to do with it and yet Arlo could hardly get enough of it. The younger vampire so shamelessly draining it from his companion’s veins and pilfering that already borrowed life all over again. It was only when Sebastian’s body begun to protest that veritable leeching from it that Arlo reluctantly let his tongue sweep across those wounds to close them.

He would never get enough of that blood. Not as long as he lived- of that he was entirely sure. His own gaze fluttered briefly closed as he all but savoured that sweet taste, his tongue sweeping over his lips to make sure he’d hardly missed a single drop. Sebastian lent more fully back into his hand in that moment, Arlo so mistaking that gesture for a simple lack of balance on his companion’s part. The younger vampire oblivious to those wants for closeness or that desperate wish on his companions part for his boyfriend in those moments. His free hand reached forward, easily shifting that keyboard before gingerly guiding Sebastian forward to let him lay on that table and use it as a support of sorts. After all, letting him fall out of the chair seemed kinda….bad hosting on his part. That whine of protest that left the other vampires lips was merely met with an almost curious stare. What on earth did he have to whine about? Arlo almost considering whether or not his venom was already wearing off and yet, from the looks of him, it still seemed to be in full effect. Maybe he just felt dizzy. It was only once Arlo was sure Seb wasn’t going to topple sideways that he eased himself back to that nearby sofa, one long leg folding over the other as he settled comfortably within it to at least watch over his victim and make sure Sebastian recovered before he let him go home. It was the least he could do, he supposed, for that fucking glorious meal.

His hand reached into his pocket then, plucking his phone from within it. He scrolled effortlessly through that Facebook newsfeed, the man content to amuse himself with those idle activities before asking after Seb’s own last name with that full intention of stalking the other vampires Facebook page- if he had one. Sebastian’s effort to better annunciate his last name saw Arlo glance upward once more, his own bright blue gaze making sure Seb was still, well, awake. The other vampire apparently busy tracing the grains of the fake wood of the table. Well- whatever kept him happy. It was almost disappointing, really, to find that Sebastian had no Facebook page, at least- not a personal one. Several dedicated ‘fan pages’ appearing in their wake. Arlo’s own features frowned once more, the man eyeing those pages with curiosity before shifting to google, hi companions name easily entered in that search bar before several hundred thousand results all but flooded his screen. Thousands upon thousands of those pictures so displaying Sebastian with another man. Another man who was apparently the King of all of fucking Italy. Arlo’s eyes widening readily. Sebastian was datin Italy King?! This was the boyfriend they were writing that song for?! That couldn’t be right, surely, maybe Sebastian just knew him? Arlo’s fingers swept across that screen once more, searching for that Wikipedia page now, Sebastian’s own so proclaiming the vampire to be nothing short of the Italian Crown Consort. That disbelief in his voice seemed to attract Sebastian’s attention then, the mans head bobbing with perhaps too much enthusiasm in response to that query before collapsing back onto that table.

Alright, maybe he could see Seb’s point in this. This King guy, this….Dorian Valerio…whatever was pretty good-looking for a dude. Arlo willing enough to admit it. Just once. Sebastian sighing almost blissfully as if even the mention of that lover brought him some sort of pleasure. Whipped. Totally whipped- Arlo was sure. That assurance that he had ‘no idea’ seeing his lip quirk. It was nice, he supposed, to see someone….happy. That sudden mention of this Dorian fellows Dad however saw Arlo’s gaze drift from that phone and back to Sebastian. The other vampire promptly announcing that this other man was apparently shag-worthy as well, Arlo’s eyes lifting upward. Wow. Someone was really high tonight. Either that or Sebastian had….unique tastes when it came to the bedroom. That realisation of just what he had said seemed to register, Sebastian suddenly lifting his hands to his mouth like a child that had spoken out of turn before hastily and somewhat incoherently attempting to request Arlo not tell anyone.

“Bud, I think its you who should probably stop telling people you want to bang your boyfriend’s dad I mean, dude….”

Then again, he supposed, he’d gone out with Annabell Andrews for three months just to get invited over to her place so he could talk to her Mom. God she’d been hot. Maybe it was the same sort of thing? Just…with dudes. Arlo’s own head shook lightly, his fingers flicking across that screen in search of this Dad that Sebastian had mentioned. Dorian’s facebook page promptly announcing that the paternity of His Majesty had long been a matter of debate and while officially recognised as Ferdinand I of Naples there was suspicion that it might also be Matteo….something, Arlo following that link then to another page before turning that phone around to show Sebastian the picture accompanying it.

“Fuck me. This dude? His face has more structure then my life. Holy shit. I might see where you’re coming from, bud. Seriously though, how old is this Matt…Matt-a-o…whatever, how old is this dude? He looks the same age as his son. Seb, what are you doing? Are you trying to get on this couch? Christ, be careful.”

That Arlo had clearly not considered the immortality of Fae was surely evident in that moment, his thoughts distracted by Sebastian’s efforts to climb over the arm of the sofa and collapse onto the couch beside him. Arlo far to absorbed by this discovery of Sebastian’s fame to concern himself with that closeness Sebastian still seemed to be seeking. Arlo entirely content to let the man press against him as he hunted down Sebastian’s own Wikipedia page once more before choosing a section to read from. One that proclaimed Sebastian’s full name along with the estimated joint wealth of the couple. That sudden declaration that Seb was a lawyer….or had been a lawyer saw Arlo’s gaze shift towards him once more, one eye rising slightly upward at the confusion that seemed to beset the other man.

“I don’t know what you do bud, you never told me. Although according to this you haven’t practiced law in like more than a century. I think you’re retired from that.”

His finger lifted to point to that place on the screen beneath ‘Career’ on Sebastian’s page though whether the other vampire could even read it remained to be seen, Arlo only now seeming to realise the sheer, well, importance of Sebastian as a being. The Italian Crown Consort. God. He’d bitten him. God he might have pissed off a whole country. He could barely pay his debts now! He didn’t need Italy breathing down his neck too, the idea of the Mafia suddenly seeming far too plausible for his liking. Sebastian staring at him almost blankly as if he failed to find this worrying at all before whispering like it was some sort of secret. Maybe the apartment really was bugged.

“Yes they have a Mafia. The Mafia. You know, like The Godfather? You’re not being very helpful, I- huh? The Mob follows your boyfriend around?”

Was the Italian Monarchy run by criminals? Realistically it probably wasn’t that far a stretch. It would explain how they had fifty billion dollars’ worth of income. Any further thoughts on Italian crime links were abruptly ended by Sebastian reaching out for that phone as he shifted closer still, Arlo holding it towards him as Sebastian started scrolling- apparently just for the fun of it. Arlo’s eyes rolling slightly, the man content to query him further on just how much trouble he might be in for having bitten him at all when the other vampire promptly announced his plans to marry Italy’s King. Arlo’s gaze dropping back to Seb’s own with clear surprise.

“You’re getting married? Wow bud, I mean, congrats. Seriously. Scoring a King is like…huge.”

That grin that touched his features then was entirely genuine. It was bigger than huge to land a King, it was….fucking monolithic. Arlo not at all sure Sebastian seemed to be appreciating how monumental that was. A King. A King. Would that make Sebastian king too? Was that how it worked? Was Sebastian moving to Italy? That sudden invitation however so saw Arlo’s gaze return to Sebastian again. He was…inviting him to the wedding? A fancy wedding like that? With royal people and….nice clothes? Arlo briefly glancing around that dingy apartment again. It was surely just that venom talking, the sort of people in Sebastian circle, he was sure, didn’t hang out with the sort of people in Arlo’s and yet that offer, even if Seb hadn’t meant was……nicer then Arlo had expected. Some emotion of some sort shifting within him. It had been years since anyone had invited him to anything. Especially not anything important like this.

“You’re…inviting me to your wedding? Hey man, that’s pretty cool of you. I’d….love to come but I gotta ask, have you invited Dorian yet? You might want to get on that.”

That Sebastian didn’t seem entirely sure on those details was fairly clear, one eye lifting slightly as that grin found its way to his features again. Seb would probably forget about inviting him at all by tomorrow or at least come to his senses and probably un-invite him. Still, for a whole few minutes Arlo was entirely content to savour that feeling of having been invited to the Royal Wedding.

“Hey, I gotta ask, when you marry another dude, whose last name do you take? I mean, are you going to be Sebastian Felix Ellington Brownlow-Cust Aragona? Because you are never going to fit that on like any sort of form you know?”

Because filling out forms with his full name was apparently the sort of thing that Arlo deemed worthy of consideration.


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