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Sebastian Ellingtonfor pleasure seldom has a cure

That simple touch of those soft hands upon his hips came with a certain sort of firmness that Sebastian found himself near relishing. Though he enjoyed those genteel caresses that so usually came with those more loving and devoted evenings he spent within Dorian's arms, there was something about that near force and the passion that it encompassed that wholly aroused the man tonight. That simple knowledge of what would come was surely just as enticing. His blue eyes settled upon the Monarch at that moment, the man entirely content to simply watch as Dorian focused upon positioning himself. He was well aware of that brush of Dorian against that wholly sensitive place in that moment the man prepared himself, his whole body relaxing at that small glance the King gave him as way of warning and yet - even that hardly prepared him for the sensations that were to come. How was it that in a mere two days, his body had become nearly hypersensitive to his lover within him? That roll of Dorian's hips brought the keep deeply inside of him, prompting a soft gasp that left his lips near unbidden as his eyebrows furrowed in the wake of all of those sensations. He was afforded but a short moment to reposition himself before those hips began to thrust anew with a sort of zeal that only brought the King deeper and deeper within him.

That steady pace so effortlessly had a fashion of prompting those sounds from the back of his throat, the Englishman entirely willing to give in to his lover's desire to hear those moans. Dorian's groans quite near intermingled within his own and yet, Sebastian hardly cared if the other members of the household heard them. All that mattered in that simple moment was that closeness and that endless desire he possessed for the man. He'd missed Dorian in ways he had not anticipated to, at least not to this extent. He had been away a few mere days and yet, here Sebastian was near inclined to beg for the Monarch's affections. His breath had become unsteady and shortened, his chest rising and falling quickly as he attempted to find a way to match Dorian's rhythm. While he adored the sight of the King, from the way his gaze seemed to flutter to that parting of his lips with each groan that accompanied that movement, he despised the utter difficulty he found at further encouraging that thrusting. That position entirely left Dorian in complete and utter control of everything.

Even so, Sebastian found himself reaching forward, pulling his lover forward and back down against him. He longed for that proximity, to feel the fae's body so closely against his own, particularly in those tender moments as the pair tumbled ever closer to that edge. Although Sebastian hardly wanted that sexual encounter to end, he knew well his own endurance was rather lacking tonight. That brush of the King's stomach against those already decidedly sensitive places only further undoing the vampire, even as his lips so eagerly pressed against Dorian's own. His hand shifted behind the King, further pressing him against him in an effort that resulted both in encouraging the man deeper within him then he already was, and too gifting him with a soft of friction as Dorian's body moved against him with each roll of his hips. He could hardly help that muted sound that reverberated within his throat, even as he caught the Monarch's top lip between his own. This was everything he had wanted and yet, he had every desire to ensure Dorian was as overwhelmed in that physical satisfaction as he had been with his own ever increasing infatuation for the man.

He pulled away from that kiss, his head shifting to get a better view of that object that had been left upon the bed, that one he had every intention to utilize. He reached over for it, grasping that gift within his hand as he muttered softly for the Monarch to stay still, even just for a moment. Sebastian was hardly oblivious to that glimpse of surprise that seemed to cross his lover's features at that simple request. "You make it hard to concentrate." Those Italian words escaped him, the man resorting to his native language as he muttered between those breaths that now tried desperately to steady, even when he could feel his lover near quivering at the idea of stillness. He knew well that building of that release, he could feel the way Dorian's body so reacted even in the slow build to that release. He was well aware of that groan upon Dorian's lips at the suggestion that those wondrous thrusts would have to wait a moment longer and yet, the fae did as he was asked with marked regret. The vampire shifted ever so slightly to the side, one hand reaching around to touch the King in a place he so rarely did, that simple act seeming to bring some sort of understanding within the man as his fingers ever so delicately teased that wholly sensitive place upon his lover. That brush of Dorian's lips served to momentarily distract him, his mouth eagerly meeting Dorian's own for a single moment before his head tilted backwards ever so slightly in an effort to momentarily still his own physique. He was well aware of that fashion in which his own body was so capable of tightening around his lover and yet, he near demanded a little longer from them both.

That promise to be still caused his eyebrow to raise in some sort of dubiousness and yet, he hardly protested, his hands solely relying upon feeling alone as he so positioned that gift behind the King. He paused once he was certain of that angle, his cerulean gaze but briefly meeting Dorian's own in a silent warning of sorts before the vampire let that toy slide into the King. It was only once he was assured of its position within the man that he released his grasp upon the man, his own hips shifted in a near silent sort of permission to continue. His hands returned to fall upon the back of his lover's neck, the other entangling in those locks as he pressed his lips against Dorian's own in yet another stolen kiss. After two days, it took far more than this for him to have enough of the man.