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The Sun Also Rises

It had hardly occurred to the Monarch in any sense that either Elizabeth or Charles might be entirely capable of hearing them in those precarious moments. Yet, even if they could, Dorian was wholly assured he hardly cared. Nothing outside Sebastian existed with any sort of importance to him. Every single part of his being was wholly focused upon that man beneath him and that glorious figure around him that he so aimed to please with every roll of his hips in search of his own satisfaction. He could hardly prevent the manner in which his own gaze but fluttered briefly closed in response to that wealth of sensation, to those simple feelings of pleasure that seemed all the more intensified in those moments until he was all but lost within them. Sebastian alone was wholly capable of providing him such glorious feelings, that very act seeming all the more intimate if only for the emotions that so surrounded him when it came to this singular being. His utter love for his companion so had a fashion of making but every stroke entirely more pleasurable. How he relished in watching his lover come apart in the peak of that embrace! How he so enjoyed being that singular being Sebastian shared that moment with. Dorian so wholly intending to be that very being for the rest of their days, that time away, no matter how short, so having a fashion of highlighting just how much he had come to rely on the vampire in but every way. Dorian assured he would hardly desire to even exist in any sort of universe Sebastian was not in. This singular act perhaps the most intimate way he could say what those words could not, a way to so show the vampire just how much he loved him in every single way and how much he had missed him every single night. There was, after all, no pleasure in an empty bed.

Sebastian reached near abruptly forward in that moment, so forcing that pair to reposition as best as they were able and yet that singular gesture only furthered that utter want for closeness. Dorian utterly relished that brush of skin on skin and that feel of the hard plains of his lovers figure as he so found that measured thrusting once more, Dorian wholly capable of keeping that rhythm even within the midst of that shift. He could feel that firm length of the man pressing against him, the Monarch so unable to afford that part of his lover his usual attention and yet his singular awareness of just that so saw but a subtle shift within his action, the roll of his hips adjusted if only slightly to assure at least some friction existed between their figures to provide the vampire that all-too glorious feeling he surely required upon that part of himself to further bring about that pleasure. The vampires hand reached back then, cupping at his butt and so assisting the Fae in pressing his figure even closer and furthering that exquisite depth within Sebastian’s own form. Dorian was unable to prevent that groan that fell from his lips in response, the Fae eagerly taking up that closeness. God, but how utterly perfect Sebastian was!

Dorian met that brush of his lovers lips all-to easily, the man near craving that kiss in that singular moment as another sound of pleasure stirred readily from within his throat, that pressure so rapidly building within him in that desire to find that release. How lacking his endurance was tonight! Yet, Dorian so hardly found he minded, the man unable to deny that the simple cause of that so stemmed from his blatant desire for the man beneath him. That fashion in which Sebastian so captured his upper lip between his own readily seemed to stir yet another soft moan from him, his fingers tightening upon his lovers figure in that ever-mounting pleasure. How he adored this moment, how he desired to remember but every second of those exquisite feelings and sensations that came with every roll of his hips and the feel of Sebastian around him. He so allowed his lover to pull away from that kiss then, that soft, singular utterance to stay still if even but a moment surely the most difficult request the man had ever asked of him, Dorian hardly assured he could. Not here. Not now. The Fae sure he lacked the simple strength to stop himself when that veritable edge was so close.

It took several moments for those motions to slow, his breathing heavy and short, that fine layer of sweat so dancing upon his skin from the sheer effort of holding himself back in those precarious seconds. Sebastian assuring him he made it hard to concentrate. That warm simper so fluttered across his lips even then. Dorian assured he might well have laughed if not for how much that simple movement of their figures might set ablaze that desire once more. He could feel Sebastian’s body in that moment, that overwhelmingly glorious sensation of tightens so threatening to undo him with every passing second. How surely he might enjoy ruining Sebastian’s concentration! Dorian unable to stop that groan of displeasure that so threatened to become a whine. How torturous this was! That simple, singular touch behind himself so saw but at least some understanding dawn upon him then. The Monarch given to remember that gift, Sebastian’s intention, in the least, readily understood as Dorian lent slightly forward once more to allow his lips to brush against the vampires own. The touch of those fingers behind him so resulted in that sharp intake of breath against the vampire lips once more as another groan rose from within him.

“If you keep….doing that……I won’t be….still at all.”

Those words were near breathlessly uttered against his lovers skin, Dorian shifting but slightly atop him once more to provide that wholly teasing friction upon that sensitive part of the man that rested between them, a wholly teasing incentive, perhaps, for the vampire to keep going with his desires. Dorian entirely willing to explore them. That way in which Sebastian was near forced to lie back if only to still in his own figure was hardly missed before Dorian himself so finally acted to fulfil that request and allow his own form to simply wait even despite those subtle movements of the vampires figure so causing but a myriad of sensation to embrace his own! That almost dubious look upon his lover’s features saw but the corners of his own lip turn upward in amusement before the silver of his gaze so met the blue of his companions own in that singular moment of unspoken warning. That near subtle movement behind himself was abruptly felt, the press of that object within him momentarily seeing both eyes widen in response to that wholly unanticipated sensation. That simple feeling was so far beyond what he had anticipated! That single, short gasp so left his lips, his entire form stilling in simple response to that newness and yet Sebastian was wholly unwilling, it seemed, to allow his thoughts to linger upon that newness. The vampire’s hips shifted but a moment later in that clear request to continue, Dorian momentarily struck with the utter force of those sensations that seemed to assault his own figure from both directions now. The intensity of this was entirely new, entirely different and yet- utterly glorious all in itself.

Sebastian’s hand so fell to his neck then, tugging him gently back down as the other entangled itself within the Monarch’s locks, that act alone seeming to ignite that desire within the Fae King all over again, his hips rolling gently forward in an almost experimental shift, those new sensations he was assaulted with taking his breath away all over again before he so steadily picked up that rhythm once more. Dorian wholly content to find a new level of energy in the wake of it, his figure so meeting Sebastian’s own with a renewed vigour as his lips all but crushed against his lovers now. Gods, but this feeling! In all his life he had so surely never felt sensations as wholly intense as this outside of that press of his lovers fangs. Dorian assured he would hardly last long. Not now. His own pace so readily increased, his breath terrible uneasy now, that beat of his heart thrumming in that equally wild pattern within his chest as those groans fell readily from within him. Dorian was so desperately aware of every shift within his lovers own figure, that increasing tightness around him only furthering his own pleasure, that sensation from behind himself simply quite unlike anything he had ever had before. What an incredible gift this was.

“God….I….missed you.”

He hardly cared for any way in which he might have taken the lords name in vain right now. Nor that Italian cuss word that left his lips in between those unsteady breaths afterward, that pleasurable peak so entirely within reach now, Dorian wholly content to take them both there as his gaze flickered closed once more. That roll of his hips increased that final time, his lips crushing again to Sebastian’s own as those sensations of pleasure so finally reached their peak. Those sounds stirred from within his throat to spill against Sebastian’s lips as he so finally found that release within his lovers figure and all the sensations it provided him with…..

Dorian Aragona