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Sebastian Ellingtonfor pleasure seldom has a cure

So much of the vampire's life had once been spent with near purposeless wandering. He'd ventured from coast to coast, merely seeking some experience with those wayward souls he met along the way. It had simply been something to fill the passing time, something to preoccupy him as infinity spread out before him. He had never expected that he might simply desire to stay within the drab walls of a hotel room for one sole alone. He never thought he would find any hint of true love and yet, here the Englishman was, so willingly committing to the fae Monarch. Somewhere along the lines, Dorian had become to mean absolutely everything to him. The vampire would have surely readily agreed to far worse than simple boredom for a few days while Dorian conducted the affairs necessary as King. That warm chuckle from the King drew a simper upon the man's own features, his head tilted to the side as he eyed his companion, that singular eyebrow raising at Dorian's insistence that he slept better away from home when he was tired. "I'm fairly certain, Ma Bichette, that you sleep just as well here when you are tired...which, clearly you are not frequently enough." Sebastian was quite sure the pair had a rather active sex life and yet, he was hard against expanding their efforts to include far more evenings than such activities already did.

That brush of Dorian's fingers against his chest drew his gaze downwards, his blue eyes entirely content to simply watch the King as he toyed with that chain that hung around his neck. There was a certain sort of familiarity that came now with the weight of that medallion that so declared him as the King's own. He was...quite fonder of it then he had ever admitted to Dorian. It was his boyfriend's comment on that gift, however, that prompted a near mischievous smirk upon his features, even as Dorian declared he wished to try all those graphic images upon the box. He was, however, willing enough to remind the man that that object was hardly the only of it's kind. Those stores held a veritably endless assortment of things they might find some hint of pleasure within. His own breath had evened out, even if that sweat still clung to the man's frame. There was a distinct hint of tiredness to his voice, even if, physically, he likely could have continued that encounter between the bedsheets once again. As it was, the Englishman was throughly distracted by Dorian's inquiry to be taken to that very inquisitive store he had spoken of on more than one occasion tonight. The vampire nodded ever so slightly, pausing to add in a tone that was clearly playful. "Maybe tomorrow night, I will take you. After all, his Majesty did say he wished to be awfully tired." It wasn't often that Sebastian acknowledged Dorian's title of King, such proper etiquette within their relationship had long since fallen to the side and yet, there were occasions when he particularly enjoyed teasing the man with those activities that were so blatantly not apart of the man's station.

That soft brush of Dorian's lips against his cheek brought a soft chuckle to his lips, that facial hair particularly ticklish and yet, how he adored seeing his lover in such a rugged fashion. It added a certain sort of definition to the man that he found even more attractive, not that he had known that was possible. The last thing he expected, however, was for the sudden ring of that cell phone to interrupt that entirely peaceful contentment the two men had finally found after all those hours apart. A soft sigh left his lips at that sound, his lover declaring he had no intention of answering. Sebastian was entirely inclined to pull the fae closer - only to be interrupted by the ringing of his own cellphone, followed by muted sounds of the others within the household. It would seem that whomever was calling was not willing to be ignored. A soft groan of regret echoed on his lips as Dorian finally pulled away to answer that phone and, in the process, ceasing that harassment of everyone else so late in the hour. He watched his boyfriend's with a measure of inquisitiveness at the voice on the other end of that phone and yet, he had certainly next expected the scandal that PA informed them of when Dorian finally put that phone on speaker for him to hear.

Sebastian could hardly deny his own curiosity at that promise of a photo of his lover - particularly in a compromising position and in a place he'd certain never been. He was almost looking forward to this curious image as he took his phone from his boyfriend, easily unlocking it and navigating to Emma's text message. That picture quickly filled that screen, near prompting Sebastian's head to slowly tilt all the way to the side as he eyed the back of that man he knew by body type all too well. He was, after all, intimately familiar with Dorian's own figure in every fashion. The King certain had some similarities with his father and yet, there were certain parts of the man that were all uniquely Dorian's own. That warm chuckle upon Dorian's lips prompted a grin upon Sebastian's own, the vampire near announcing he'd never see his boyfriend's father in the same light again. The King's desire to have a copy of that newspaper article sporting his father brought a small chuckle to his lips, his head shaking ever so slightly. "We should frame this, I think." He commented, entirely teasing.

He was hardly surprised, however, when the King at least considered assisting in ensuring such photos did not get out, the vampire entirely willing to fall silent as Dorian spoke with his assistant on what the Italian crown might do to assist with that scandal in some fashion. That existence of two additional photos, however, quickly caught the vampire's attention, the man wholly appreciative of Dorian's efforts to secure those photos too for their browsing. No sooner than the man hung up with that PA then his phone dinged with those additional pictures. The first photograph, though that state of undress certainly existed, was hardly nearly as incriminating as Emma had made it seem. The vampire found himself making note of that underwear Matteo favored before dismissing that photo altogether in favor of the second one that had been sent - this one vastly more revealing than even Sebastian had anticipated. His eyebrows rose ever so slightly as he eyed that sleeping fellow on the screen, his head shaking ever so slightly to the side.

Sebastian certainly had never anticipated to see that side of the fae Frenchman. The man had a fashion of being both domineering and intimidating whilst somehow capturing some air of openness and lackadaisicalness. "I am sure he will appreciate your efforts though, Ma Biche." He responded to his lover, his gaze slowly skirting back towards that arm Dorian gestured to, his head once again tilting to the side. "I...don't...know…." Sebastian commented in thought. It was a perfectly odd thing to do! In fact, Sebastian had never quite seen anyone sleep in such a manner, though it wasn't as if he often had cared to watch other people sleep to begin with. Such a thing was decidedly emotionative - a thing he was not when it did not come to Dorian. He was almost surprised, really, as Dorian moved to delete those images altogether, the vampire hardly voicing a word in protest as he moved to settle under the sheets with the man he so adored. His arms draped around the King as his lover settled back against him only for that idle inquiry to coax that sound of amusement from his lips. "No, Dorian, you don't. You look perfectly blissful when you sleep." Of that simple fact, he was altogether aware of. He had watched the Monarch that very first night they'd met - and too many others after it. No, Dorian appeared near angelic in those moments of unconsciousness, prompting within the man that overwhelming desire to keep him safe.