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Henry continued to plague Sterling’s neck and face with his kisses, letting his lips linger and suckle to heighten both of their desires. Slowly, he reached between them to unclasp the button of Sterling’s jeans and ease the zipper south. Reaching within his pants, he slowly pulled Sterling free, grasping him firmly and beginning a swift up and down motion with a slight twist. He felt his boyfriend grow more firm within his hands and the thrust of his hips only heightened his own desire. It felt wonderful to love Sterling physically again. He couldn’t remember the last time before the boat that they had given themselves to one another. It had been far too long.

Slowly, he moved his hand to the hem of Sterling’s shirt, pulling it swiftly up and over his head and tossing it alongside his own shirt on the floor. The light was far too dim to see the scars just now, so for the moment, they remained nothing but a mystery.

Lips began their slow assault down the chest of Sterling and towards where Sterling would need him the most. His teeth nipped at his skin only to lick the area to soothe it. Henry had nearly made it to his erection when his lips pressed against a raised area at the base of his desire. Confusion settled in the back of his mind and he slowly allowed the brightness to return to the room. Eyes looked down at his boyfriend and for once, his eyes were not drawn to his desire, but to the healing scars that were thick and many.

The reaction in Henry was almost instantaneous. His desire drained form him as his fingers traced the scar. Memories flooded his mind about the bloodshed in the boat. While he didn’t remember actually mauling his boyfriend, the evidence was clear as day. No longer were his jeans taught, but loose upon his hips. Slowly, he shifted himself from the bed wordlessly. He felt so much guilt that he wasn’t sure what to say or do. Abandoning his shirt on the floor, he simply left the room, heading towards the balcony and sliding the door open. The wind whipped through his hair as he leaned over the railing, eyes looking down at the street below. He had fucked it all up.


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