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Sterling was almost unsurprised by that lack of a reaction he'd received from his boyfriend at that simple suggestion they merely return to bed and forget the evening together. That frown upon his lips was ever prominent at Henry's assurance that he needed to think. The warlock knew well what that translated to. He wished there was something he could say, something he could do to make this better and yet, his shoulders only slumped ever so slightly in defeat. "Oh…" He muttered, the word almost stammered from his lips before he continued, "Okay…" Sterling hardly made the effort to fight for the man he loved, even though he knew he should. He was a loss of what to say, of how to make it better. It wasn't as if he could make those scars go away. Instead, Sterling simple turned away from his boyfriend, closing the door behind him to leave the man to his own thoughts. Sterling meandered towards the sofa, settling upon the corner of that leather couch. He curled up onto that sofa, unable to help that sniffle as those tears near threatened to overwhelm him. His arms wrapped around his figure in an effort to comfort himself in a fashion he knew well Henry would not.

His head rested upon the arm of the sofa, those blue eyes watched as Henry stood there on the balcony. He almost expected the worst the moment that Henry turned to return to the warmth of that flat. He was so entirely assured that the man was going to leave him, or at the very least, that he was going to decide their relationship could hardly work out if the man was no longer physically attracted to him. He watched as the man looked vaguely in his direction, prompting Sterling to shift into a sitting position. He hardly voiced a response to that exclamation that left Henry's lips of that near death experience. After all, he could hardly deny that it was true. It was that inquiry as to how he still wanted Henry, however, that finally prompted words from the man. "It….it wasn't your fault Henry…" He started with a small frown. "I weren't in control of yourself and...and I love you." His voice near choked on those final three words and yet, it was the truth. He understood what had happened wasn't something Henry chose, just as he knew those emotions he had for the man weren't going to simply go away.



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