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Arlo James

See what it's like to be a vulture's lunch

That near blank look he was fitted with at the assumption her Father likely wouldn’t be all that keen on their being alone in the house together almost readily prompted an equally blank look of his own. The woman hardly seeming to understand just why her Father might find any displeasure in his daughter spending her evenings alone with a man- a vampire man at that. Abby seeming to ponder it for a moment before promptly declaring that it was likely for that fear he might attack her for her blood. Really? That was what she thought the problem was? Realistic he supposed it was probably another fear her father likely would have. Arlo mostly sure no one had ever celebrated their non-vampire child spending time with one of his own species and yet that hadn’t exactly been the reason he’d considered first. The young man once again considering, well, her innocence in the world. That small smile finding his lips all the same then before his head simply shook.

“Well, he might be worried about that too but that wasn’t exactly what I was thinking his number one concern might be, babe. Don’t worry about it though. I’m sure he’ll worry less once you tell him I really only eat vampires. You said he’s away right? I probably won’t have to meet him at all.”

Maybe that would be for the better. Arlo not at all sure he knew how to describe that peculiar friendship the pair shared, let alone trying to assure her Father they were just friends- something the man likely wouldn’t believe and probably for good reason because truthfully Arlo rather liked the idea of being more then friends himself. For now however, he hardly saw any need to worry the young woman over his and her father’s currently non-existent relationship. The girl suggesting she’d talk to him when he came home- not that it would be for awhile. The man apparently not at home very much at all. Arlo rather inclined to think that was a good thing and yet that….tone in her voice seemed to indicate otherwise. He didn’t like coming home? What did that mean? He didn’t like seeing her? Who wouldn’t like seeing her? Who was this guy? Arlo inclined to decide he didn’t like the man in those few seconds, as foolish as that surely was, the intensity of those emotions surprising him as he made some effort to push them down.

It was that query of Mi that seemed to draw his attention away from thoughts of her Father then, Arlo quick to assure that young woman that Mi was, well, just his roommate really. The pair of them hardly inclined to get on at the best of times. The pair hardly disliked each other really- they simply had very different ideas on just about everything. Arlo blundering in to that tale of how she hadn’t even believed he was a vampire which had only prompted him to prove his point. Even if stabbing himself hadn’t been the best idea he’d ever had- exactly. That look of horror on Abby’s features suggesting as much. Arlo hurriedly turning his palm around to show her that there wasn’t any damage at all. The woman reaching out to trace her fingers over that perfectly healed skin. That simple lack of fear for him in everything she did almost baffling to him. Arlo almost having become used to people being afraid of him. Even if he was sure he wasn’t as fear worthy as some of the other vampires off the world. He’d never been a bad guy. He’d just made some less then great choices over the years. His thoughts distracted entirely then by that mention of her blood. Blood she had, freely, considered offering him.

It was almost ridiculous, really, just how much that offer might mean. It was almost that same emotion that seemed to beset him when Sebastian had so willingly offered him his neck to bite. An emotion he couldn’t quite label. Some mixture of hunger and gratitude and delight and something he was almost sure was some level of arousal. That predatory part of him relishing in it. That more human part relieved at not having to hunt and yet all that was offset by hi simply desire not to harm that woman. Arlo assured he couldn’t live with himself if he brought her any kind of pain or injury. Some portion of him decidedly protective. God being a vampire was hard. Yet that curiosity plagued him still. His hand reaching gently to encircle her wrist, turning it upward to rest in his palm and expose that tender flesh on the inside. He could hear her heartbeat. He could smell her blood. His fingers running over those veins he could see. That promise falling from his lips with a distinct sincerity. Arlo sure they were the truest words he had ever spoken. He wouldn’t hurt her. He couldn’t. Not ever. The thought so abhorrent to him it had a way of crushing even that hunger that stirred at the thought of blood alone. Arlo determined to…sample that blood perhaps. In the most gentle way he knew how. At least….until he worked out how to stop that venom. The idea of knocking the poor girl out, even though she might love the feeling in those few moments not exactly his intention. Humans rarely seeming to be able to stay awake like vampires did beneath those chemicals he wielded. That mention of that very venom seeing his head nod.

“Yes, it’s a sedative, it makes you feel amazing- or so im told- but non-vampires tend to fall asleep.”

That admittance was almost sheepish really, his gaze glancing up to her once more before he gently offered that request not to flinch. Arlo lifting that single finger to his lips then, letting them part just enough to press that tip to his fang. That sharpened point pierced the skin easily, the blood flowing hurriedly to the surface. His lips closed over it then, his warm tongue sweeping over that small wound, sealing it at the same time as tasting it. Her finger gently returned to her then as he paused for a moment to simply…taste it. It was nothing like he had expected. Were blood usually…unremarkable in every sense. Arlo having tried it no more than a handful of times and yet- maybe he’d just been trying, well, bad blood. Abby’s far richer than any other Were he’d ever had. It was hardly the same as that vampire blood he lived off and yet there was something decidedly tasty about it too. Arlo entirely surprised. He’d actually drink this. That grin finding his features as he offered that complement of sorts. She did have nice blood. Very nice actually. Arlo flopping back onto that couch before informing her of just that. The squeal that left her lips seeing him sit upright once more in some fear she’d injured herself or suddenly become terrified off him or that finger he’d pricked had exploded into a fountain of blood- Arlo hardly caring for logic in that moment as his mind finally seemed to recognise the fact the woman appeared….kinda happy. He’d never met anyone this excited over having nice blood before.

He could hardly help the amusement that tugged at his own features at the realisation before she came to stand before him, abruptly presenting her finger once more with the declaration that she deserved a smiley face band-aid. Arlo chuckling softly then as he reached to take her hand once more. The vampire gently turning it around to face her and show her that perfectly uninjured finger.

“Babe, you totally don’t need one. Look. My saliva stops it bleeding and helps it heal- your body did the rest. Not even a mark.”

He also didn’t have a smiley face band-aid and yet really he was going to have to get some for next time. Well. If she ever let him try it again. Maybe he could get Seb to work with him on that venom thing and he could taste it properly and…..was it weird to think about how much he wanted to taste more of her blood? Arlo attempting to shake those thoughts away then, that smile still in place all the same as he glanced up to that clock on the wall. It was getting so late. Arlo gently letting go off her hand once more even despite how warm it felt. God he liked that warmth.

“Did you want me to walk you home? I mean, your welcome to stay if you want but Im not much fun once the sun rises.”


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