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    Sacrosanct contains four distinct neighborhoods, each with their own specific kind of houses and residents. Explore our districts, view lists of our citizens and enjoy our block parties!

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    Anacosta Heights

    11 residents

    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

    5 residents

    Dupont Circle

    Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. Although these houses are somewhat small (often two to three bedrooms) they feature back yards, porches, garages and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and for the neighborhood as a whole.

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    Hawethorn Village

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    Hawethorn Village

    Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawethorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three story townhouses, often with a one to two car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces.

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    River Dale

    10 residents

    River Dale

    River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold true to the victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans and the occasional brick beams.

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for every dream you made come true60.227.72.125Posted On August 22, 2017 at 3:55 PM by Dorian Aragona

It was an almost curious notion, really, Dorian so hardly having considered that such a trip away might readily extend into a vacation of sorts. The Monarch so simply believing they had come to England to enjoy the glorious surprise that was the festival of flowers before surely returning home within the week. The idea that they might extend their trip into Italy or France or Barcelona had hardly occurred to him and yet- why did they not? Sebastian was surely entirely correct. There was no pressing need to return home quite so readily. The prospect of such an impromptu vacation stirring that simper to his lips once more. His PA would undoubtedly be displeased and yet Dorian was assured that Emma would recover. The woman worked far too much as it was, a little time to rest would hardly go astray. The silver hue of his gaze lifted to Sebastian’s own then, his thoughts but briefly interrupted by the vampire’s further consideration of just that holiday. Sebastian content to suggest they spend the rest of the week enjoying that festival before returning to Italy, Dorian assured he could attend to most of his own affairs in that time, before they explored some new place. The mere prospect of it so seeing that grin grace his own features again. It was just as Sebastian said, they were already abroad, why did they not simply extend it? They had no pressing reason to return home just yet, the mere prospect of seeing a place he had not yet seen so readily alighting the Monarch’s curiosity at merely the thought!

“I think this is an excellent plan. Matteo did offer us one of his homes in France, perhaps we might take him up on it. I should like to see this famous tower the French have too, they seem terribly proud of it.”

He had, after all, only ever seen pictures of that Eiffel Tower. Dorian hardly assured why it was so referred to as a veritable icon and yet, the Monarch remained content to withhold further judgement until it was so he had seen it for himself. It was only the sheer beauty of those flowers and too, that sculpture of those deer that so managed to distract the Fae King from any further thoughts in regards to their trip, Dorian so unable to prevent that look of both fascination and awe that existed within him at the sight of those prancing creatures- even carved from wood as they were. How he had always adored art, in any form it came. Dorian so simply made to appreciate such things, his mind forever content to marvel at the cleverness of people and the beauty to be found in those sculptures or paintings or indeed- even those flowers planted in such a way as to assure their colours near blended when they bloomed. Perhaps he could do as such with their garden at home? Dorian so momentarily considering the possibilities as his phone was fished from his pocket to photograph several of those garden beds and too- the sculpture of those deer. His own head tilted but slightly in further consideration of just how those very deer might look when painted, or perhaps sketched in a simple and yet dramatic piece of brown and white- perhaps a little black for shading. The Fae assured such a piece would look entirely pleasant in their bedroom, or perhaps even Sebastian’s study- so that he might have that reminder of Tatton in some fashion. His lover commenting readily that he should like to see Dorian’s attempts to paint but any of those photographs, that warm simper returned to Dorian’s own lips then. Sebastian, after all, so had a habit of keeping but near anything he painted even when the Monarch himself was assured it was hardly his best work. Ah, but how endearing it was to see his lover fuss over it all the same!

His attention shifted readily then to those further animal sculptures, Dorian so eyeing that horse and too those cows that had been made to appear as if they themselves ad cropped short the grass of that manicured lawn. The Fae King so incapable of removing that grin from his features at the simple delight he so found in all of this. How well Sebastian knew him! Dorian so unable to believe the vampire himself had stayed away from such a festival for so long, even if, perhaps, it had hardly been as grand in those earlier years. The man’s assurance that the past year had been taken up with Dorian himself so prompting that soft chuckle. The Monarch wholly content to admit his own delight in so having all of Sebastian’s attention upon him. How sinfully selfish it was to admit such a thing and yet how little he could deny it! For all the effort he so often employed to appear the very epitome of polite Dorian was entirely assured he remained distinctly possessive of his lover in every sense of the word. How he relished but each and every moment they might spend together, even after all this time.

It was that assurance that they might surely return next year and too- that they might further explore those gardens after dark and once that crowd had returned home that seemed to only further that look of delight upon his features, Dorian’s head nodded readily then. After all, those very gardens surely looked different beneath the moonlight, the Monarch’s simple curiosity for but anything he had not seen before surely all the encouragement he required for such an adventure. The Fae so wholly oblivious to but any furthered plans his lover had for that evening.

“I should like this very much.”

He assured the man readily, his lips parting once more only for his features to shift near dramatically within the same moment, Dorian so eyeing that next sculpture with a distinctly critical eye before promptly announcing he disliked it utterly. Bugs were horrid creatures- of that he remained assured. The Monarch near unwilling to allow his lover to so much as stroll around it as he did for fear it might somehow injure him. That declaration from Sebastian that this was not at all what a bee looked like so doing little to appease him all the same. Why anyone would desire such a wretched thing in their garden he hardly knew. Let alone why it need be so obscenely large. Dorian wholly content to comment upon just that before that sudden fact upon bees so readily saw the man pause. Such a fact so unknown to him, that query of near disbelief slipping from his lips before Sebastian so assured him it was true. The very notion that this was the singular fact Sebastian so knew about bees was perhaps hardly unsurprising and yet that grin had so returned to his features all the same, Dorian chuckling softly then before his own shoulders lifted in that shrug. The Monarch entirely assured they would both have made excellent bees if this were truly the case. After all, their sex life was a decidedly active one. Hardly a night ever going by in which that did not engage in at least some form of intimacy. That very idea so already turning within his mind as that near husky tone to his lovers voice so readily drew his attention. Ah, but how he adored that sound! Dorian shifting but slightly in that near…pleasing discomfort that so had a habit of stirring within him but anytime Sebastian’s voice might shift to that tone that so often existed within the bedroom. That very notion of how willing his lover was to embrace those ideas holding an appeal all its own.

“How many times do you think we could manage it? Three? Four? Dare I say five? I shall positively need to know- next time.”

That near impish grin so readily found its way to his lips once more. Dorian so taking a distinct pleasure in distracting his lover’s thoughts entirely. There was, after all, something so distinctly arousing in knowing just where he might leave Sebastian’s thoughts as he had so often done before with that promise of ‘next time’. Such a game near equally as satisfying for Dorian himself as he so simply turned away to wander into those market stalls. How glorious those stalls were! His own thoughts readily distracted once more by that colour and scent and sound all over again. Each stall was so neatly organised, those colours so carefully placed, Dorian not at all assured where he might desire to look first before his gaze so lingered upon those apples- a single one plucked neatly from that pile. After all, if Sebastian had so shared a fact then could he not do that same in return? That fruit so neatly tossed to his lover then only for the vampire to catch it. The Monarch promptly announcing that near ancient declaration of love, that grin readily returned to his features then as Sebastian so promptly bit into that fruit, offering it to Dorian a moment later as the Fae took it neatly from him. Dorian so briefly eyeing that rather….curious bite mark his Consort had left before taking his own bite and handing it back. How sweet that fruit was! Dorian so momentarily relishing that taste as they approached the end of those markets, the Monarch so contemplating stepping in to the vineyard- at least until he became near distinctly aware of that….sound.

“Bastian, is that you? Are you….hungry?”

That note of surprise at both that clear sound of what he was rather sure was Sebastian’s stomach and too the very idea that the vampire was hungry for food so readily saw the man turn towards his lover once more. In all the time he had so known his consort he was near assured he had never heard such a sound! That amusement so readily finding his features then before he turned to glance back at several of those stores.

“I think perhaps I have an idea, wait here.”

He stepped from his companions side then, Dorian affording Sebastian near no room to argue. The Monarch so simply refusing to have his lover uncomfortable in any sense. Dorian so momentarily chastising himself for the very notion that he had failed to consider what his lovers now living body might require if an entire day was to be spent outside. It was but a few minutes later that the Fae returned, the man passing that small box he had purchased from one of those stalls to his companion then, affording Sebastian several moments to open it before so explaining its contents.

“I was not assured as to what you might like best, I suspect things might taste more strongly to you now and this had a little of several things, like a small platter of sorts, see? It lets you try a little from each region. You have two types of cheese, crackers, bread, a little ham, olives, I’m not sure what that is and I suspect those are for a dessert of sorts.”

He moved to point to those two chocolate dipped strawberries on the side before glancing up towards Sebastian once more in the hopes at least one of those foods might appeal to his companion and his newfound desire to eat.

“Do you know? I think that is one of the first thing I have ever bought by myself? I think I gave the man a little too much- he gave me rather a lot of change but I am sure I will get the hang of it.”

His Royal Majesty

Dorian Aragona

The King of Italy


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