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    Anacosta Heights

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    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

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    Dupont Circle

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    Hawethorn Village

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    River Dale

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    River Dale

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for all the love i found in you60.227.72.125Posted On August 23, 2017 at 4:19 PM by Dorian Aragona

How pleasant it would be to so continue that holiday onwards from here, the very idea of such an impromptu, near spontaneous vacation, nothing short of delightful to the Monarch. Perhaps too, if Sebastian had not decided upon a final destination then surely his own Palace hardly knew of such plans and in turn the Press were unlikely to be waiting for them wherever they landed to so crowd them with cameras and questions. Dorian had become wholly used to that Paparazzi, especially within Italy, the Monarch so having accepted that a certain level of his privacy was lost but each and every time they stepped outside those palaces walls and yet he was wholly determined that they might so be able to enjoy a trip to France or Barcelona or indeed any other location without so having another photograph their every move. It was…tiresome in the least too so attempt to assure no terrible photos of them were taken and indeed there were moments in which Dorian so desperately desired Sebastian’s company alone and not a veritable entourage to spoil those moments. Indeed, the very idea of that impromptu time away was only given to sound all the grander to his own thoughts the longer he might consider them.

It was that very sculpture of that poorly conformed bee however, that so seemed to cease any further considerations of the world they might explore together. Dorian’s own features shifted into a distinct scowl at the sight of it, his skin very near threatening to crawl at the mere thought. How he detested those bugs! The Fae King positively assured they were creatures of hell itself, the man very near tensing as Sebastian wandered from his side to stroll casually around that sculpture before promptly declaring it anatomically incorrect. Dorian decidedly sure he held little desire to stand near close enough to query it for himself, the man vastly assured no one would ever seek to have such a thing within their garden- at least, not by choice. It was that sudden statement of facts upon male bees however that readily saw his silver gaze lift to his companions own, that momentary surprise surely clear upon his face before that distinct look of inquisitiveness seemed to overcome him. His own fear of those creatures momentarily forgotten in the wake of such a fact and the very amusement that so came with the idea that of all the facts his lover might know it was surly this one he might choose to regale him with! That soft chuckle rose easily from within him. Dorian wholly content to declare he was assured they would make fine bees if this was but the only requirement for the male of the species. That near husky tone to his companions voice at the suggestion of that very idea of experimenting with just that stamina so readily ensnaring his attention.

How ridiculous it surely was that even after all that time that very tone of voice so proved to be as wholly arousing as it always had, Dorian’s very figure so threatening to respond to even that simple sound. His own thoughts shifted so distinctly to all they might share between those sheets and too, but several ideas he was assured they might try in an effort to achieve that very goal. The Monarch so considering then just how many times they might be capable of such, Sebastian so seemingly assured that five times was a wholly achievable goal if Dorian himself were capable of it. The Fae so allowing both eyes to lift at that near roguish grin he was presented with and yet, Sebastian’s decidedly vampiric form was wholly capable of recovering within mere minutes as opposed to his own far more living body and the longer rest it required if only because nature had made it so. The man momentarily seeming to consider such a proposal further before that near impish grin touched his own lips, his gaze returned to his boyfriend then.

“We shall make a whole night of it then, so we have plenty of time. I think though that you are only allowed to use your fangs…..once. The rest shall have to come from skill alone- if you think you are capable.”

One eye lifted upward in that distinctly teasing gesture now, Dorian wholly content to afford his lover that teasing challenge of sorts, the man wholly assured such was a game they might both enjoy. Sebastian’s fangs, after all, were so entirely capable of having him reach that finish all on their own if so used in that fashion his lover had employed them once before. Such an experience one of the Monarchs most favoured evenings to so think on. The man distinctly content to consider just how much he might enjoy an entire evening dedicated to so attempting to achieve at least five of those pleasurable highs between them. Dorian willing to allow such thoughts to linger within Sebastian’s mind in turn as he wandered easily toward that market then. That simple bustle of colour and sound was entirely delightful in every sense, that grin readily dancing upon his features once more as he strode easily amongst those stalls. Dorian’s attention but briefly caught by that singular apple he plucked neatly from that stand, only to assure his lover he too held at least one curious fact as that apple was easily tossed towards him. The Monarch so promptly declaring that near ancient gesture of love that so came with catching that apple, that ready amusement lacing his voice as Sebastian proceeded to eat it.

He had forgotten, perhaps, that requirements of a truly mortal body. His own form, after all, living though it was, hardly required that same level of sustenance as a human or Were or Witch might do. That Sebastian’s newly living body might share those same needs had all but escaped his notice as he was offered that apple in turn, Dorian biting into that sweet fruit, relishing that taste before returning it to his lover- only to become aware of that rather distinct sound. One he was quite sure he had never heard from Sebastian before. His gaze turned with a clear intrigue to his Consort then. Dorian inquiring as to whether or not Sebastian was hungry. That almost bashful response so had a habit of stirring that simper to his own lips even as his gaze drifted back to those stalls with a clear consideration.

“I had not considered it myself either. Wait just here, I am sure I can remedy this.”

Dorian stepped simply away from his companion then the Fae momentarily leaving Sebastian on the edge of that festival. Dorian largely oblivious to that concern that so readily seemed to strike his lover as he busied himself with that singular task of shopping. His first true attempt at such a thing in all the time he had been free of his Palace within Italy. It took but several moments before the man returned, that clearly pleased simper upon his lips as he proceeded to hand his lover that small box and the veritable miniature platter within it. Dorian wholly determined that there would surely be at least one food within it that the vampire might enjoy with those newly sensitive, living tastebuds. He was hardly surprised in any fashion to see Sebastian reached for that chocolate covered strawberry, his own eyes rolling playful as he did. Chocolate, it seemed, would eternally remain his lovers most favoured indulgence, living or dead.

“Love, you’re supposed to eat that las- oh go on then, I suppose it hardly matters.”

They were hardly at a restaurant and more so, how often might dessert be enjoyed first? Dorian assured there was little concern in so eating from that box out of turn. His features brightening all the more at that clear groan of satisfaction that echoed within his lovers throat then. It had been important, somehow, that Sebastian so enjoyed at least some of that food he had found for him, although why it had mattered to him so much he hardly knew. That simple pleasure clear upon his features all the same before that soft chuckle parted his own lips once more. That strawberry suddenly offered towards him. His fingers reached out neatly to take that offered bit, slipping it between his own lips to enjoy that ready sweetness. These, he was sure, were excellent strawberries by any standard.

“I think you shall find this is obscenely good.”

He responded simply. Dorian so commenting then upon the very fact that this was but the first thing he had ever bought himself- even if he still remained distinctly unsure of that monetary system. That seller having given him a rather excessive amount of change. He would perhaps need have Sebastian explain the value of those pounds again to prevent any repetition of such. Dorian, for now, finding that warm simper upon his features again at his lovers apparent pleasure in so being the subject of that purchase. Dorian reaching to pluck a cracker from that box, that slightly salted taste wholly satisfying as he moved to lead the way into that vineyard now that he remained assured his lover was no longer hungry. The vineyard, for now, was distinctly less busy then those market stalls and decorative gardens, the brief escape from those crowds entirely welcome as Dorian so stepped into the first of those long rows of grapes that led towards the winery and cellar at the end. His own fingers reached out once more, the man simply unable to keep himself from touching those leaves as he merely allowed his fingers to trail along them in a fashion almost child-like.

“Do you know? I don’t think you ever told me you had a vineyard, Mon Cher? My Palace in Turin used to have a winery connected to it, I am not assured if it remains although I shouldn’t be too terribly sad if it did not. Wine in my own time was….rather terrible when compared to today.”

That small hint of amusement laced his lyrics then, Dorian peering back into that lunch box to pluck his own piece of cheese from within as they reached that small display at the end, a woman working to organise those bottles atop that table as she greeted them with that ready grin. One that seemed to falter slightly at the sight of Sebastian. My Lord, your….outside……in the day. I was not aware you…could do that. This woman was evidently acquainted with Sebastian, at least enough to be well aware of his vampiric status, her features having readily shifted into a look of surprise. That grin upon Dorian’s own hardly faltering as he gestured towards one of those red wines.

“Could we try that, please?”

Staff, after all, were often so wholly determined to perform their duties well in their presence that they so often seemed to forget those very queries they had once held, the woman so readily becoming fixated upon that task of pouring that wine that her surprise was all but forgotten. Dorian unwilling to so explain the extent of his power, that gift alone known only too Sebastian and indeed the Monarch saw little need to have it further questioned here and now. The man content to merely have that small amount of mystery surrounding it as he reached to take that offered glass, the woman eagerly explaining that wine as he lifted it to his own lips- that taste decidedly pleasant.

“This truly is rather nice, have we any of this at home, Bastian? I quite fancy it and I-“

Those words were halted near abruptly once more, Dorian glancing towards that large wine cellar behind the woman, several people moving about within it and yet one alone had so briefly caught his gaze.

“Is that Matteo? Over there? I did not anticipate seeing him here.”

Why on earth Matteo would be in England for a flower festival he hardly knew. Such things hardly seemed the sort of event the Frenchman would find of great intrigue. Dorian’s gaze lingering upon that figure a moment longer as he stepped out of that cellar and into that sunlight. His features frowning readily at the realization that the man he had so been staring at was most distinctly not his Father and yet he could almost have sworn he had seen him. The Fae so eyeing that wine once more. Amusement readily touching his features again.

“Perhaps I’ve had one sip to many.”

His Royal Majesty

Dorian Aragona

The King of Italy


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