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    Anacosta Heights

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    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

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    River Dale

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    River Dale

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i am everything i am- because you loved me101.179.243.237Posted On September 02, 2017 at 4:23 PM by Dorian Aragona

In all that time they had been together, in all those moments they had shared, Dorian had so never once doubted Sebastian’s feelings for him in any sense. Not after that declaration they had both made upon the evening of that Chopin concert they had enjoyed. Even if such words were so rarely uttered aloud between the pair the Monarch was distinctly aware of that emotion that existed between them but each and every day. Those subtle touches or gestures or simple displays of care no matter how small held within them but every bit of that love and yet there was something entirely blissful about feeling that emotion within that song. An emotion that seemed almost tangible to him if only for the way Sebastian’s affinity so allowed him to experience but everything the vampire felt in turn. Those very emotions surely every bit as potent and consuming as his own when it came to that man he loved. That proposal that followed was perhaps the most important question of their entire lives and yet there was hardly a doubt within his mind. Not in this. Not in Sebastian or that life he so planned to live with the man. Dorian assured of that answer the very moment he had seen that question upon that canvas so painted in that very red of love itself. Dorian so finally succumbing to that emotion that he had so struggled to withhold the mere moment he had seen that piano and that garden that surrounded it, when he had believed such an evening was an exquisite romantic gesture alone. The truth of that entire day in the wake of that proposal so finally proving entirely to much for the Monarch to maintain that composure any longer as he near threw himself into his lover in the wake of that ‘yes’.

He so hardly minded the way Sebastian tugged him into his lap, his lips eagerly finding the man’s own in those moments. Dorian near craving that closeness and affection that Sebastian in turn seemed all too willing to offer. That utter happiness near radiating from the Monarch in that moment. The man unable to lessen that glorious grin upon his features in the wake of that simple knowledge that Sebastian was no longer simply his boyfriend or Consort or even lover. The vampire his very fiancé and soon to be his husband. How silly it surely was that such titles as ‘fiancé’ and ‘husband’ might bring him such delight and yet those very words somehow added only further to their relationship. The very depth of emotion that had existed between them for so very long had somehow become all the more official, a declaration of sorts to the very world itself, that impending marriage so adding a permanency to their lives that Dorian had so surely known existed all the same and yet still he could hardly help the way he adored to even consider the thought of their being married. An event he had long ago ceased to envision for himself. How terrified of it he had been when his Father was still alive! Those women presented to him over and over so readily and yet politely rejected. The Fae so assured that he had been far too young and inexperienced to make but anyone a good husband, his continual refusal too- perhaps some act of spite against Ferdinand all the same. Dorian wholly aware that such matches had been presented to him purely for Ferdinand’s own gain to marry off a son to the bastard daughter of some other King to secure land or wealth or men for the army. Marriages for love simply did not exist within his own time. Dorian entirely assured those centuries he had been forced to wait had been but worth every hour for this very moment. That very idea of marriage he had once feared within his youth was now something he so readily desired with Sebastian. That entire day so simply perfect.

That very suggestion that Sebastian so had something else for him readily saw that near quizzical look return to his gaze, the Monarch glancing downward at that unassuming little box the vampire lifted from within his pocket. That golden ring so presented to him a moment later as Dorian reached gently for that offered piece of jewellery that held so very much significance for them both. His fingers neatly turned that ring over, that glorious golden colour by far his most favoured, his fingers brushing over those simple and yet beautiful diamonds. Dorian adoring that choice before his gaze fell upon that singular red thread that ran within that ring. Their red thread. It’s very presence so seeing his heart flutter all the more if only for all that thread so represented. His silver gaze lifted upward once more, meeting that deep blue of the vampires own, those words of simple adoration uttered then. The Monarch entirely sure it was the perfect ring. His lips pressed softly to his Fiancé’s cheek then, that grin upon the vampire’s lips readily prompting his own before that soft assurance that he might like to see that red thread whenever he desired so drew his gaze hurriedly back to it, his eyes widening slightly once more.

“I might look at it whenever I desire? It will always remain there?”

That simple delight was surely clear within his very words. Dorian hardly assured of just how Sebastian had managed such a thing and yet the very idea of it saw that warm simper settle upon his features again. How glorious it would be to see that thread that bound them together any time he might choose! That grin upon his features only growing as he further considered that ring and just when it might be acceptable to wear it. After all, men did not have engagement rings, such jewellery reserved for that bride-to-be and yet within this marriage there was most distinctly no bride at all. Those rules, Dorian decided, hardly applicable to either of them. The Monarch instead so simply inclined to do as he desired to do in that moment rather then so bother himself for the concerns of society. That ring was lifted readily to his own finger before that realisation seemed to strike him, a near sheepish look finding his features, that soft chuckle rising within his throat before offering that ring back to Sebastian with that soft utterance that this was surely his lovers job.

That grin upon the vampires features was hardly missed as Dorian offered him his hand, his gaze drifting downward to watch as he slid that first ring from his finger, that sudden lack of that heartbeat entirely….displeasing to him. Dorian having so simply become used to it after all this time. The addition of that new ring however so readily seemed to brighten that grin upon his lips once more, his other hand lifted then to allow Sebastian to return that first ring and that comforting sensation of his own heartbeat before the Monarch lent back into the vampire once more. His hand so momentarily admired for that new edition. Dorian rather assured it looked decidedly perfect. The Fae content to assure his lover he would have one made for him in turn and before that ‘big day’ so he might decide whether or not he might prefer to wear it before that ceremony. Sebastian’s soft shrug and simply utterance that he would surely do whatever so pleased Dorian in turn was met with that easy chuckle, his lips pressing again to the vampires cheek as his fingers flexed slightly, testing out the simple feel of that ring he was quite determined he had no plans to ever remove- save for that wedding day itself.

It was the very thought of that day, perhaps, that so inspired that query as to whether or not the rest of their household had known about the impending proposal and that secrecy Sebastian had managed to engage within for months without his knowledge. That hint of amusement tugging at his own features at even the consideration of that and how well they had all done not to make but even a single mention of the vampires plans. Sebastian’s insistence that they had all known and too- that Giles himself had travelled to that estate several times to see to those arrangements so prompted that look of consideration to his own features.

“I shall have to thank him myself too.”

He uttered softly, his gaze glancing then towards that brightly lit home, that soft smile touching his features at the thought of those people so surely waiting anxiously within and that impending celebration. The notion that Sebastian had failed to inform Emma hardly surprising to him as his own head softly shook.

“She means well but she flusters herself so much there is every chance she might well have told me quite by accident. I think you were perhaps wise not to inform her.”

That little woman was in such a permanent state of stress that the very notion of organising some sort of engagement, regardless of her hardly being required to do anything, might surely have proven too much for her all the same. That very thought of those family and friends seeing his own features wrinkle slightly once more in consideration of the Frenchman he was near sure he had seen down near those wine callers. Sebastian’s admittance that he had invited both his Father and Godfather to visit seeing that surprise touch his own features, Dorian entirely aware of the…discomfort Matteo’s presence seemed to instil within his fiancé and yet too, Sebastian’s ready dedication to family, regardless of his feelings upon them, was perhaps another of those very traits Dorian had so come to find utterly endearing. That Fae King too- rather finding himself almost….hopeful that the French Fae and Hunter had chosen to come if only so he might share that news with what little family he had left. Even if Matteo undoubtedly already knew about it.

“I should like to see them, to tell them about our engagement in the least. Whether they are here or not though- thank you for inviting them, Mon Cher. Matteo is not the most….easy of beings to talk to. I even find him difficult and I have known him all my life. Have you met Alexander yet?”

The French Fae was hardly unfriendly- per say. Rather the man so had a way of speaking that tended to make whomever he was speaking too almost nervous or in the very least unsure of themselves. Dorian entirely sure the man seemed to be mocking half the people he spoke to without ever truly appearing to do so. Either that or he simply enjoyed saying obscure things and wandering away. Sebastian the very sort of person prone to worry about those obscure things. Alexander and his tendency not to say anything at all was perhaps almost preferable and yet the Hunter’s almost….disdain of sorts for vampires so momentarily saw that concern rise within the Fae King once more at the thought of his lover so having been alone with him at any stage. He hardly anticipated Alexander might attempt to bring Sebastian any harm, rather, the Monarch so feared Alexander’s rather blunt attitude might have been less the pleasant for his lover to experience. Heavens but they were not even married yet and he so already worried for those family gatherings!

His own head shook slightly if only to dispel those thoughts, the very notion of that marriage and the wedding to come so finally seeming to register within him. Those very realizations so prompting that query then as his lovers gaze met his own. Dorian so having hardly considered, until this very moment, that such a wedding required planning. Rather a lot of planning. The Monarch not at all assured where to even begin with such a task. Sebastian, it seemed, perhaps as equally unsure as himself in that moment. That very notion prompting that soft sound of amusement from himself once more, Dorian leaning back into his lover then, his fingers reaching to run along that smooth piano surface again in contemplation.

“I think perhaps hiring someone might be best. I fear weddings in my time might not be conducted as they are nowadays and I have no more idea then you I fear on how best to even start. There is so very much to do.”

The sheer enormity of it, it seemed, had only just now managed to settle upon him. Venues and food and guests and flowers and clothing and music and titles and that royal seal were all going to need be changed or organised, let alone his very last name. The press would have an utter field day with it all. The soft kiss to his forehead so suddenly distracting those thoughts, that smile upon his lips brightening as Sebastian assured him they would figure it out in the end. Dorian so having every faith that they would- somehow.

“Do you quite know what I think we should do?”

His gaze lifted upward once more, meeting Sebastian’s own then.

“I think we should enjoy these gardens for the rest of the week, visit Turin and let my court know of our engagement and then disappear for that entire week as you suggested to France or Barcelona or any other place we might desire so we might enjoy that engagement ourselves- where no one else can find us.”

The rest of the world would know in time, Dorian for now, entirely content to keep such news to themselves and those they desired to tell if only so that they might enjoy that altogether significant moment in their lives in but every way they alone might desire.

His Royal Majesty

Dorian Aragona

The King of Italy


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