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    Anacosta Heights

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    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

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    Hawethorn Village

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    Hawethorn Village

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    River Dale

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    River Dale

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you gave me wings and made me fly101.180.51.10Posted On September 03, 2017 at 4:22 PM by Dorian Aragona

How Sebastian had so managed to keep such plans as this very proposal secret from him for months he hardly knew. The Monarch so priding himself upon his observational skills and yet he had never once noticed Sebastian planning any sort of event or indeed- even practicing that piano! How he had managed that a veritable mystery to the Italian in every sense of the word. To craft an entire song surely took quite a measure of time and practice and yet the vampire had somehow managed it enough to play that piece flawlessly within the moment. Dorian assured he might well query his lover upon it later. The King, for now, far more taken admiring that new ring upon his finger and all it might represent of that future together. Every single worry of the world so having been cast aside from the man tonight if only so he might fully enjoy those precious moments that they would surely remember for the entirety of their lives. How truly pleasing it was to have that ring upon his finger where everyone might see it. Dorian so hardly caring for perhaps that near ancient style of thought that so afflicted him in that moment. The man so unashamed to admit that sense of pleasure he found in belonging to Sebastian and too- in having that vampire belong to him in turn.

His own fingers flexed but slightly, the man becoming accustomed to the feel of that new ring before he lent easily back into his lover once more. That simple contentment readily settled upon him as he inquired after just whom had known of that impending proposal and so managed to keep it secret from him in turn! He was hardly surprised in any sense to hear that Charles and Elizabeth had surely been privy to that information. The Monarch distinctly assured it was the way of house staff to know anything and everything whether they had been truly informed of it or not. In perhaps the same measure he was near unsurprised to hear that Giles and Elaine too had been made aware of that upcoming proposal. That couple whom they had spent the past years Christmas with were, after all, perhaps the closet beings to family Sebastian truly had left. The pair near content to treat his lover like their own son, Dorian so having witnessed that simple love they had for him first hand. Indeed it had been within the halls of Belton itself that the Monarch had so been given a glimpse at just how a family might truly be, no matter whom it was made up off. The simple warmth of that estate an ideal he was hardly inclined to forget any time soon. That very same warmth so daring to flare within his very chest at the idea that he was marrying in to such a family in turn. It was curious perhaps, those beings Sebastian and himself had so seemingly collected in a fashion of those years and yet, between them both, they could surely make a family of them all. Their own family. That simple thought so had a habit of tugging that grin to his lips before Sebastian admitted to the very levels Giles had gone too in an effort to assist that proposal. Some level of thanks surely required for the man, Sebastian readily admitting much the same.

“Perhaps we might find him a gift of sorts? You know him rather well, there must be something he might desire.”

The Monarch offered near thoughtfully. Dorian wholly oblivious to the notion Sebastian himself had already begun to consider that gift in turn. After all, to gift someone with something as a representation of that appreciation for their efforts was simply the done thing in both their times. Still, Dorian suspected, gifting the elder Englishman with the very sort of things that had once been considered acceptable in his own time hardly seemed appropriate today. The Monarch rather assured Giles would not appreciate an armada or a flock of songbirds or a fine war horse. The very idea of it near amusing to him before his thoughts so returned to his very own PA. The poor woman the very epitome of distressed in every sense of the word. She was near astoundingly good at her job even if it seemed to bring her no end of struggles and yet even so she possessed that need to schedule. Dorian quite assured such a proposal would perhaps not have been quite so eloquent were Sebastian timed throughout it. Emma wholly prone to ruining that surprise in turn. Dorian hardly finding fault in Sebastian’s decision to spare the poor girl the strain of it all.

It was that soft gesture towards that brightly lit estate then that prompted the Monarch to ask after his own Father and whether or not that truly had been the man down by the cellar today. Sebastian so admitting then to having invited him- and Alexander too. Though whether or not they had chosen to attend he hardly knew. The Fae Kings own features remained near thoughtful in that moment. It was odd really, that very emotion that seemed to turn within him. Dorian near hoping the pair had decided to attend if only so he might share that news with them both, regardless as to whether or not Matteo had already seen that engagement as he had suggested to Sebastian near all those months ago within Caserta. That Sebastian had seen fit to invite them at all however, was distinctly pleasing in turn, those words of thanks offered then. The vampires hand reached to gingerly caress his jawline, his own head tilting subtly to let his lips brush against Sebastian’s fingers in that simple gesture of almost playful affection before his own eyes rolled softly at that very mention of Matteo talking in riddles. How frustrating the man could be at times! Dorian’s own silver gaze inclined upward once more.

“If I ever start to talk as such you must stop me immediately. Truthfully I fear for several of the things I may have inherited from him and that is but one of them.”

Those words were near playful all the same, even despite that undercurrent of seriousness, amusement tugging at those lyrics as that simper settled upon his features. His thoughts shifting then toward Alexander in turn and whether or not Sebastian had managed to meet the often intimidating Hunter. Dorian so given to consider for perhaps the first time that his family of sorts so consisted of two very different and yet rather imposing beings. Matteo with his near constant riddles and habit of making others feel uncomfortable and Alexanders often near silent staring and abrupt manner of speaking perhaps wholly difficult for Sebastian to navigate. Even if Dorian remained near assured that beneath it all both his Father and Godfather were both truly good people. The Monarch not at all ashamed to admit that he cared rather deeply for them both. Sebastian’s words drawing his attention to his fiancé once more at that admittance he was yet to meet Alexander in the least. Dorian so allowing the fingers off his hand to intertwine with Sebastian’s own as that simper returned to his lips. His head nodded softly.

“Perhaps, yes. I am assured he will be pleased to meet you.”

He offered the words readily, easily, so attempting to at least offer Sebastian that confidence. Dorian knowing entirely well how important it was to his lover to offer those good impressions. After all, they had both been raised in a time when the impression one left upon another was of distinct importance. Those social interactions the very epitome of high society. Sebastian, like himself, surely veritably schooled in all the ways they might appeal to those around them and further their families influence in turn. Such endeavours hardly required this evening and yet such skills were surely never remiss to possess. It was the very thought of those upcoming nuptials however that finally seemed to see the very extent of the planning required settle upon the Fae, his eyes widening but slightly as that veritable list of tasks seemed to turn within his mind. Heavens but he had no idea where to start! That very suggestion to hire someone a decidedly grand one. Surely there were beings dedicated to crafting just these sorts of celebrations? Surely his own palace might employ such people- or in the very least, know just whom to source? The idea of having someone else handle the majority of the planning perhaps the most glorious idea Sebastian had ever possessed. The vampires mention of that last royal wedding and its extravagance and too the notion it might well take a year to plan so seeing that surprise return to his features. How much they might have to consider! That near quizzical looking touching his features then.

“Are there pictures of this last Royal wedding? I should like to see them.”

Outside of the weddings off his own siblings some five centuries ago he had never yet seen even one more modern wedding, let alone a royal one, the idea of it readily tugging at his curiosity then as Sebastian’s lips pressed to his forehead, any furthers thoughts upon all that was required for that wedding readily forgotten with that simple assurance they would work it out. Dorian holding much that same faith as his mind so wandered towards those more immediate tasks of informing their family and his palace at large. The idea of so proceeding to disappear for at least a week right afterwards as Sebastian suggested holding all the more appeal. Dorian content to suggest just that, his companions soft chuckle stirring that sound of amusement from himself in turn, his eyes rolling softly once more at Sebastian’s assurance he had so finally caught on to that plan the vampire had hinted at from the very beginning.

“It is an excellent plan. The Press get terribly excited when we step outside as it is, imagine how excited they might be once they know about our engagement. I quite like the idea of disappearing for a little while.”

That grin was near impish in those moments. Dorian rather inclined to dislike the press all the same and yet even the thought of that veritable field day could so hardly diminish the joy of this very evening. His gaze lifted once more towards that house then and those people he knew surely awaited them rather excitedly inside. That soft, good-natured sigh eased from him then.

“I suppose we ought to go in and relieve them of their suspense. Oh, what will you do with this piano though? What if it rains?”

The thought of such a lovely instrument getting wet in that ever common English rain was clearly a near distressing thought to the Monarch as he eased himself at last from Sebastian’s lap, his fingers still entwined in the man’s own, Dorian content to wander back towards that house only once Sebastian had assured him someone would see to that instrument and that painted canvas he so intended to keep. That walk was hardly far, Dorian inclined to pause at several more of those flowers along the way before they made it back to those double doors they had stepped out of that very morning as mere lovers. The Monarch inclined to find a certain sort of pleasure in so returning as fiancés. His hand reached easily upward for that door, pushing it gently open before allowing Sebastian to lead that way through his foyer and into that main room where near the entire household so seemed to have gathered while so attempting to appear as if they hadn’t and that singular room so required this man people to suddenly tidy. Several of those staff glancing upward at their approach as they so paused within the doorway. Dorian quite unable to lessen that smile upon his lips.

“I said yes.”

The very tension of that room near seemed to evaporate entirely, that excitable applause erupting within the same moment. That chuckle rising from within himself then at the sound of at least one maid near squealing with delight. Women, it seemed, still as eternally fascinated with weddings as they had been within his own time. That champagne seemed to appear near on que as several members of that staff came forward to congratulate them. Dorian so nodding politely as he engaged in those pleasantries and yet he could hardly help that fashion in which his gaze searched that crowd. Dorian. That singular French accented word so readily saw the Monarch turn to find that Frenchman standing just to the side, those staff dispersing politely to so allow that exchange.

“Oh, you came. Did Alexander come as well? I was rather hoping you both might.”

Matteo’s own head merely bobbed in that moment, the man gesturing over his shoulder then to that Hunter. Alexander so momentarily engaged in some discussion with a passing maid. Dorian perhaps unwilling to admit just how important it had been that the pair had so attended tonight.I haven’t had to catch a plane in more years then I can count and yet my lack of ability to teleport with living beings so required I accompany Alexander on that more traditional transport. It was quite the experience. Still- I think congratulations are in order for you both. Dorian’s hand so readily extended toward the Frenchman’s own with but every intention of shaking it, Matteo’s firmly grasping his own only to near suddenly tug him forward and against him in that embrace. Dorian near frozen in the utter shock of it. Matteo never once having hugged him, at least, not since he was an infant. The singular embrace so threatening to stir that emotion all over again before the elder Fae stepped slowly away with those gently uttered words I am happy for you, son and you too, Sebastian. You will make a fine son-in-law. The Frenchman turning then to the vampire, his hand extended to Sebastian now to afford it that firm shake before quite suddenly affording Sebastian much that same gesture. Matteo stepping slightly more forward to gently tug Sebastian into that embrace in turn before stepping away. Dorian rather aware of that near impish grin upon the Frenchman’s features. I will catch up with you shortly, Dorian. Lovely party. The man so proceeding to stroll back into that crowd for now, something muttered to Alexander as he passed that Dorian could near have sworn was a request to ‘be nice’. The Monarch near glancing to Sebastian then in the simple shock of that encounter.

His Royal Majesty

Dorian Aragona

The King of Italy


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