Ashes to Ashes50.125.73.18Posted On October 22, 2017 at 4:10 PM by Anna-Marie Belrose

Anna-Marie was delighted when Sebastian decided to join her in her chosen game rather than protest. It was in a whole other category than her usual choices. Damon did say to try suggesting something new to him. It was less fun in her opinion because it didn’t involve running around and feeling the whip of the wind against her. But it was time with her Sebastian and that was enough wasn’t it?

Anna tilted her head slightly at Sebastian’s question after he moved his piece. Her crystal blue gaze fell to the board in consideration. “The Queen.” She stated matter-of-factly. “No one cares about the pawns, they all die and no one cares. The King can’t do anything, he’s boring and makes everyone protect him. The others can only do one thing. The Queen can do everything; the King wins the game but everyone cares if they lose the Queen cause then it’s harder to win.” There was real logical thought put behind those words as she stared at the board.

Quietly, and with some serious debating looks on her face, the child vampire maneuvered her pieces accordingly after Sebastian. It was quite even across the board before Anna’s attention drifted back up to Sebastian. “Are you going away again? Where do you keep again away?….I don’t like it when you go away.” She was very concerned seeing as his length of absence became longer each time that one of those times he would not return. Of course she would have attempted to find him again but that was a daunting task to even think of. “I want to go away too.. like you took me to get a present before…but not in a plane.”



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