Ashes to Ashes50.125.73.18Posted On November 11, 2017 at 7:26 PM by Anna-Marie Belrose

Anna-Marie was quite calm in this moment. Although it wasn’t her normal choice of a game it was still spending time with Sebastian. She may not fully understand the connection she had with him but she felt it and was only satisfied when near him. It was a peculiar feeling, swaying between wanting his attention and simply wanting no harm to come to him. She was equally as pleased by his comment of her being the Queen. A smile graced her features as she nodded matter-of-factly. “I was a Queen…am…was..” She tilted her head curiously at the thought. Present or past? What was she now?

However she wasn’t to dwell on that long as she was quickly swept up on the notion of travel. If it meant having his undivided attention like before and getting a gift then she wished to do it. “I want to go to France; I was little there and want to go back.” Why he had left didn’t really matter as long as he was back and promised to take her places too. “I…don’t have a phone.” She wasn’t sure how calling him would make him being gone any better.

The small vampire’s cool gaze lifted from the chess board at the shift in Sebastian’s tone. Something to tell her? It took a moment for his confession to truly sink in but it took even less time for her frustration and anxiety to spike. Married?! To who?! Her gaze narrowed in confused defiance as she shook her head. “No…no no…you can’t.” Her fingers dug into the fabric of her dress in her lap and she short her eyes tight trying oh so hard to keep calm but even that didn’t stop the shadows behind her from beginning to churn and gather. “She can’t have you; you’re mine/i>, not hers. You can’t get married.” The chess game in this moment was all but forgotten.



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