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Sebastian Ellington

Crowned Consort of Italy

A glimpse of curiosity crossed his features at that sudden declaration that Anna-Marie was a Queen. He watched that shift of her features as she attempted to remember that point within her life when such a title had been granted to her - certainly far before he knew her, he was sure. He hardly felt the need to press her on that facet of her life, the vampire had long since discovered that any attempts to push her on his own making or her origin before now tended to result in violent outbursts and painful memories - none of which gave him any sort of closure. Rather, any mentions of her once royal status seemed to be quickly replaced by the prospect of travel, even if his last trip with Anna-Marie had been nothing short of disastrous. A small frown crossed his features at the child's insistence that she wished to return to France, that whole idea of securing some sort of flight for the child was stressful in itself. Feeding her for such a long period of time in the air with such a limited choice of food was...well, trying for the man. Still, he had been in the process of securing his own estate within that country. Perhaps it was a possibility...eventually.

"Alright...I...guess we can go back….some day, but you can't keep attacking the stewardesses." An almost pointed look crossed his features as he eyed the young child. Perhaps he would discuss with Ceara how she had managed traveling with the young child. She might, at the very least, have some idea that he lacked. At the very least, he was willing to offer the young girl his phone number as a means to remain in contact despite his frequent trips abroad, if it made her feel more comfortable. That insistence that she didn't have such a device, caused his eyebrows to furrow ever so slightly, a small sigh settled on his lips. "Would you like one then?" It might have seemed silly to offer his maker such a device and yet, if it limited those visits, he was certainly willing to pay the monthly bill.

Even despite his willingness to involve himself in the child's life, much less to travel with her, there was a certain sort of planning required. After all, he had no intention of simply vanishing on his fiance again. Rather, he despised even leaving his lover for any portion of time and yet, to take the fae King with him was perhaps just as distressing to consider. It was that which prompted Sebastian to inform the young woman of his intention to get married, much less that insistence that could hardly just leave - not anymore. He had expected some level of surprise from her, certainly, but nothing quite like the way her fingers seemed to dig into the fabric of her dress, that composure rapidly coming undone. For a moment, those blue eyes simply stared at the young girl across from him, his lips pressed together into a small frown. "He". Sebastian corrected after a moment's of consideration, "I do intend to marry him, Anna-Marie, you can either choose to support me in it and be present or not." The vampire was altogether firm in those options he presented her with and yet, he had little intention not to go through with that ceremony with the fae King. He hadn't truly even considered inviting the child to that wedding and yet….maybe it would that claim Dorian had upon him easier if she was involved. Or maybe it was a foolish hope.


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